Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not My Type

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  1. Insert Name Here

    Ben! .. Or something?

  2. I am so pissed off!

  3. Second one is bad. 😛

  4. I second Twitchy’s… these typos can be funny sometimes, but that one’s just… bad…

  5. Andrew FTW

  6. At the risk of looking like a fool… in the last pic… wich one is the correct spelling? cause if it is the pictures… how can you fail so horribly when it is right in front of your face!

  7. Picture.


    The one in the picture is the correct spelling. It’s not exactly a fail, though, because unless your friend is fluent in Swahili, it’s quite possible they spelled the phrase incorrectly. Larah obviously thought it was spelled differently than the OP. Maybe Larah should have looked it up, but I don’t think this is a big typo at all.

    Lamebook is lame.

  9. I agree she does redeem herself by saying she does not no the correct spelling, I was just curious because I was not sure if she was correcting the photo or not…(Because if she was that would of meant my hole childhood was a lie singing Hakuna matata)

  10. This place is becoming(has become) so jv.

  11. Micah, you don’t need to use derogatory terms like slut to describe prostitutes. They have feelings too. Your referencing to the chance of getting HIV with slots was ok though.

    Crystal, *thrust* *thrust* *squirt* You just got one blessing in your cunt. It still wasn’t funny though.

    Athena, you need all the saving you can get after that ordeal! (that one made me chuckle)

    Deana, it’s the other way around. Your fiancé is supposed to spend the weekend inside YOU! Get it right… Unless you guys are into that kinky shit.

    Larah is dyslexic and can’t read, hakuna matata.


    Oh. Maybe she thought she was correcting it, and then realized she didn’t know how it was spelled?

    Your post wasn’t lame. Lamebook is lame.

  13. Seriously, there should be a link with a page listing all the moderated words so we can fucking learn them! I can’t even figure out what was wrong with my post… The F bomb is worse then anything else said.

  14. Were you spelling it out as you sung it? If not, how would that make your life a lie?

  15. Hymen.

  16. It’s not “hymen.”

  17. i looked it up, the one in the picture is the right spelling. besides, that looks like a screenshot of the movie with the subtitles on (like maybe the OP was watching it on her computer, or she found it on google)

  18. Oh nuff, I love it when you talk dirty!

    Crystal, I totally know where you’re coming from. I do the same thing, daily!

    I’m pissed off now, I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all day now!

  19. Oh, I don’t know, ee, that song usually puts me in a good mood.

  20. Well, considering the phrase “it’s our problem free philosophy” has been on repeat in my head since reading this, I need that song wiped out! If I keep mumbling it to myself my coworkers might jump me out by the dumpsters after work for infecting their minds with it. I don’t want to get hurt, I’m small!

  21. Micha… Thats what happens in a divorce. You lose all your money to the slut!

  22. Well, just start humming REM’s “Shiny Happy People”. It should knock it right out.

  23. I agree with rosinbackrider, the picture is a screen shot of the sing-a-long version, you can tell by the little note pic next to the phrase. Larah is an idiot.

  24. Crystal’s made me laugh out loud…I also like to cunt by blessings

  25. Suck a shame…. meny, meny children grow up and sponge off their clearly depleted parents.

  26. Wow, I don’t know what to think because I can’t remember how hakuna matata goes… I’ve been trying to remember but have failed miserably. Probably for the best. Also, I can wear my headphones at work and listen to music I like, sooo, meh.
    I can still sympathize for you though ee.

  27. I’m calling fake for the 5th one…

    Pauline really needs to check before she hits “post”

  28. I feel sorry for Deana’s fiance.
    Here he thought he was gonna have an awesome birthday with loads and loads of sex, and now he’s just getting a big fat nothing. That is one status I WOULDN’T have changed Deana! You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  29. Last Christmas I posted “Who wants to go to carols in the park?” on facebook and a friend commented “Cunt me in!”

  30. Well, looks like c*nt is a moderated word. Who knew?

  31. At the end of a long day, I too like to go home and bless my c*nt.

  32. Wow Lamebook is fast with the submissions! My sister submitted the c*unt one last night!

  33. I do business with a designer named Cynthia and every single time I address her in an email I type Cunthia. Luckily I’ve always caught it, I would die a million deaths if it went out like that.

    That Curb episode ‘Beloved ‘C*nt’ comes to mind. I’m laughing just thinking about the idea of that typo in your aunt’s obituary.

  34. Larah made me want to cry. That’s just…no.

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