Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday TypOhs!

Incase you missed last week’s Tuesday’s TypOHs, here ya go!

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  1. Die Adam you fucking maggot-infested puddle of piss.

  2. Ya really. These “autocorrect” posts are getting absolutely ridiculous. They don’t even make sense. Who says “Love me some tasty beverages”? “Beavers” was a lot more plausible. He did it on purpose, self-submitted it, and lamebook posted it. Why am I so mad about this? lol

  3. 1angrychick2cups

    The “tasty beverage” thing is a riff off the line from Pulp Fiction where Jules was in the young guys apartment talking about Kahuna Burger. But, really they are ridiculous. Most of them look fake.

  4. No, the real maggot-infested puddle of piss is two posts below Adam’s. She and her whole generation need to die in a fire.

  5. tofu, tsk!
    I’m sure she’s put a lot of effort in all those nonsensical spelling mistakes

  6. 2xwice!



  7. I did love Nathan’s “…sigh…,” though. No excuses, just taking his punishment. Or it could be read as a satisfied sigh after his morning dong. One never knows.

  8. wandr: Oh I don’t doubt it, which is what makes it even more pathetic.
    lametothemin: I wonder how Zaquery is supposed to be pronounced. Zah-kay-REE? *****BARF*****

  9. In other news, has anyone seen British Hobo?

  10. Spelling errors aside, I’m with Olivia. I do love me some kinder eggs and hate that they can’t be sold here. I just have my Canadian boyfriend smuggle them into the country for me, lol.

  11. What annoys me is that some of her misspellings have more letters than the correct spelling, so she can’t even claim it was ‘text speak’ and she was doing it to save time. IT JUST MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A RETARD! Fuck me.

  12. MsBuzzkillington

    I want some kinder eggs. It is not fair that they aren’t sold here. I didn’t know they were BANNED too. Geeeez.

    Who care’s what Emma had for dinner? Is she on here because she told everyone what she had for dinner? Or is she on here because she said she ate some vaggies? Hard to tell…

  13. Having never heard of a kinder egg, I looked it up, and now I see why I’ve never heard of it. They are apparently illegal under the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which prohibits embedding “non-nutritive items” in confections. Little did they know that most confections are non-nutritive on their own. Anyway, I guess I can see the point, as those toys look like they can be choking hazards for the littl’uns.

  14. I dont get the tuesday typOhs… somebody lamenlight me
    and why is #1 so pissy…

  15. I heard they weren’t sold in the US, but LOL I didn’t know that they got seized if you tried to bring em into the country.

  16. Hahaha, you’ve gotta love the americans. Why stop illegal immigrants coming into the country when we can stop illegal kinder eggs?

    I honestly had to google that to check it was actually true…

  17. These are all pretty awful. But the first one? I’m supposed to giggle at “seamen street”?? SEAMEN are sailors. Completely different word from SEMEN. Dumb.

  18. I don’t understand why the fuck people like Adam don’t just delete and rewrite their status…especially 5 seconds after they realize they misspelled something. ???

  19. I knew about the Kinder Eggs being illegal there because some lady got detained at an airport for “smuggling” one in lol. Are American kids such pigs that they would actually wolf down the whole thing without noticing the giant plastic egg inside? Impossible. Poor Americans. Kinder Eggs are delicious & fun!

  20. ‘Bahd’ is my favourite bit.

  21. Banned or not, you can get a Kinder egg at any Russian market.

  22. ifitwerentformyhorse

    ^ It’s true I’ve seen them a lot on the west coast at little European markets.

  23. robertcfromcicero

    “Kall Meh Crazi”

    Is it wrong for me to want to punch her in the face? How stupid do you have to be to add an extra letter to a 2 letter word? Or was that in an attempt to sound “kewl”?

    This is the generation that’s going to give us a president one day. Weep for our future if you thought Bush was bad…

  24. I’m portuguese… and well– KINDER EGGD RULE! I gotta tell ya…they’re like, a little bit of heaven really! Why did the USA Ban Kinder Eggs but not McDonalds? Health can’t be the problem there! =P

  25. *eggs

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