Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quick Wins

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  1. The Keller one is hilarious. It shall become more hilarious as people post about how we shouldn’t make fun of people with dithabilities.
    The Meyer one is also hilarious. It shall become more hilarious as people post about how ‘Twilight sucks’ jokes are old. However, I doubt Dustin’s speech is really that much better than Meyer’s writing.

  2. I’m confused with regards to the Stephanie Meyer one. Is she known for actively stopping good literature from being written? Like, does she use her popularity to somehow strong-arm other writers out of being published? I don’t get it. I don’t think being a bad writer is the same as silencing good writers. That is to say, Ke$ha =/= Tonya Harding.

  3. @ShaneDavis don’t be confused it’s just a dumb joke. No that I don’t agree with Stephenie Meyer being a bad writer because she is. It is just a dumb joke by someone trying to be funny but he failed miserably.

  4. Davis, by publishing bad writing with good PR, Meyer is keeping today’s youth from experiencing good writing.

  5. Oh yeah. The Keller and Meyer jokes are real side-splitters.

  6. Mad, why don’t you shove your opinion into your rectum, pull it out with an Hepatitis-infected toothbrush, floss with a dead rat’s entrails, then shove all that back into your rectum?

  7. The Stephanie Meyer one is the biggest reach for a non-joke I’ve ever seen. If you have to try that hard, you’re just sad, not funny.

    The Lady Gaga one is obviously a recycle.


  8. I laughed at the last one, but only because he said it was such a Dorothy thing to say

  9. Love the last one because the flawless Dorothy WOULD say that. That tired Lady Gaga joke ruins everything.

  10. Really? The Helen Keller jokes we told in eighth grade are Lamebook material? At least don’t make it look like the people who re-post them are witty or something… :/

  11. The last one made me laugh, compounded by the name “Execution”

  12. Truth is I like reading Mad’s comments from time to time. Enough so that I think pulling a hepatitis ridden toothbrush out of his ass is maybe a tad harsh. The rest though is ok ; )

  13. stephanie meyers sucks, lady gaga is a man, blahblahblah

    But I did read Execution’s comment in Bea Arthur’s voice which made me grin like the Joker.

  14. Man, it’s so funny when people make fun of the disabled.

  15. Slippyslappy is no friend to Word. I hope you’re slippyslappied with a subpoena to appear in court, for being a jerk!

  16. That was over the line. I apologize.

    Mad sucks.

  17. Wordpervert – You’re trying way to hard.

  18. ” …prevert”

    Trust me … big difference.

  19. wordp”re”vert is just being a dick try ing o pass themselves off as wordp”er”vert. Please don’t confuse the two.

  20. @rybart
    Don’t forget wordpevert and wordpervet, but I think they’re all the same person, and that MEG might be back.

  21. @Stomopeh, I agree, he/ she is trying way too hard. It was funny to me the first few times I first read the comments, thinking they were just fucking around. But now, I see they’re quite serious about these comments.

    wordpre, you make me prefer the wordper. Actually, I might pathetically beg for her to come back.
    wordpervert, if you’re out there lurking and reading these..please come back. Your spot’s being ravaged and destroyed.

  22. #1 Joey, go yiff yourself for that. it’s one thing to make fun of an overused thing, like Twilight or Rhianna being clobbered, or even Kanye West. Assholes deserve to be made fun of, but just for so long. Victims don’t, Hellen was a nice person who had problems. Rhianna falls into that category as well.

    Lady Gaga jokes are just as fucking old. She’s got a pussy, and we’ve all seen proof, so kindly stfu.

    Stephenie Meyer…continue to make fun of. Just because it’s her.
    Golden Girls used to be one of my favourite shows, and Dominic makes a point. That IS something she would have said for sure. 😀

  23. So, there are three others now? Blimey. I must have missed some of the slight name variations. It’s a tad confusing.


  24. My name is wordprevert, and I’m an alcoholic.

  25. Now, give me a beer.

  26. Keona’s a pear-shaped, pizza-stuffed idiot.

  27. Hmm all Keona had to do was ask nicely and wordpervert magically appeared. You think this will work with BritishHobo? Does anyone else miss him? Come back Hobo, I miss your gorgeous rants.

  28. I’ll never forget that Friday evening when I put on some slippers, my comfiest gimp mask and slipped into a lovely sleek nappy, with a bowl of popcorn to sit down and enjoy the Golden Girls.

    Imagine my disappointment when not one of the wrinkly old, mouldy holed slappers urinated on screen. I was expecting golden showers and geriatric piss gargling, i nearly struggled to cum.

  29. Oh My God.

  30. Kudos mofo – the guy who can find depravity in just about any situation.

  31. Awwww you guys say the sweetest things!

    I’m off for a wank.

  32. vaginalroundhouse

    I will never forget my first boner. From a mid 90’s playboy. It had Kimberly Hefner in it. She dinner plate nipples. At that point I always thought all girls nipples looked like that. Little did I know that some have milk dud or raisinet size ones.

  33. vaginalroundhouse

    *she had

    Saved before the grammar police arrive.

  34. I kinda miss Hobo, too.
    But I’d never actually admit to that.

  35. Yay, Mofo! You make good cum.

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