Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Erotic Electronics

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Wow I left for less than 2 weeks and the site is dying already? I must be fucken awesome.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Also sexual innuendo about computers never gets old. /sarcasm

  3. yea. then they want you to donate to keep the site up when they think this pile of crap is funny? ill keep my money, thanks.

  4. These are so fucking stupid.

  5. I don’t know what sucks more, the puns or the title of this garbage (erotic electronics? really? must everything be some lame wordplay?)

  6. You donate to the site for the rare times that virtual gold appears. Admittedly it’s not too common, but come on, we can’t forget the Wallace’s and the likes.

  7. Quit your whining, jackarses. When Lamebook doesn’t have funny stuff to post, they gotta make do with what they’ve got. Don’t like it. Do your bit and befriend some stupid people, then screengrab their lameness and keep the site going with fresh injections of lameness.

  8. @benningtons, agreed

    also, I did find this to be funny…. because I am a computer guy… most people on this I usually don’t take to be so…. or the have a very weak sense of humor…. anyways, I found to be very clever….

  9. I usually love puns…these made me wrinkle my nose and frown. Eh…sorry…not so good.

  10. These aren’t puns. Puns depend upon similar-sounding words. This depends upon analogous concepts. According to Schopenhauer, that makes it higher humour than puns.
    I did find it to be amusing. Perhaps the cranky misogynist was onto something.

  11. This is worse than fucking sandpaper. 600 grit. At first you think, erotic electronics? This can’t be so bad, sounds clever. Then you wrap the sandpaper around unknowingly and begin grinding away as you begin to read until you realise too late what you’ve done…. A million times before. Some people never learn.

  12. We like the abuse nuff, it’s very masochistic of us.

  13. Mad you are starting to worry me with all these Schopenhauer references. Also this post is pure crap, if this gets it’s own post wtf if anything do they turn down.

  14. I’m so sick of these pun posts (sorry mad2, these “analogous concept” posts hehe)… They’re always too long and rarely amusing


  16. This may be un PC of me but personally i’d like to sneak as quietly as a MOUSE into their lab whilst they’re distracted and then BOOT them up the fucking ringer with my size 10’s before CRASHing a keyboard about their stupid geeky bastard heads.

    Then I’d fuck their MOTHER(boards)S,

  17. Size 10s? More like a thumb drive.

  18. Robbie, if you didn’t go by Robbie you could probably fuck a man.

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