Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Few Smarties for Ya

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  1. PraetorianXVIII

    Got “than” right, but missed the rest. How about that?

  2. *Gandhi’s cruel and inhuman rule

  3. and must give the PEACE Prize to Gaddafi

  4. I’m trying to figure out wtf is with the arm in the first one. Does Sheridan have plastic wrapped around his arm or what?

  5. @Mika, its plastic wrap/cling film. Tattooist use it after they finish a tattoo to keep it protected from clothing/abrasive materials while the person who got the tattoo goes home.

  6. Yeah, that Gandhi is a menace.

  7. Stop the madness please.

  8. I can’t even see what the bottom line of the tattoo says. :/

  9. Oh no Terrence… What an idiot.

    And why do people think that people like Sheridan (since when is this a first name..) care about their tattoos’ spelling? He obviously thinks that’s how you spell these words, so why would he care if it’s spelled this way, permanently, on his arm?

  10. Alex it took me a while but I’m pretty sure it reads:
    “Its better to be hated than loved for what your not”.

  11. Aside from the typos, the saying is also missing four words. It should read: “It’s better to be hated FOR WHAT YOU ARE, than loved for what you’re not.”

  12. Oops! Missed that it was a song lyric.

  13. @TehJazzi Thanks! Just had to check on that. 🙂
    I’ve never heard of that being done, but it makes sense. Tattooists in my area usually put a bandage on it and make you keep it on for two hours.

  14. coming from someone who has seven tattoos, The Saran wrap (cling wrap) is used to protect it from getting germs into it as its a new “cut” to your body if you will. it also does help keep stuff from rubbing on it. i usually take mine off within an hour . most people leave it on and that actually can ruin it. if its too moist it wont heal weal at all. ive also had a tattoo artist use a “pad” to cover tattoos (its the same design as something a chick would use, different use lol) i dont know the technical term for it but i like them better cuz it keeps the tattoo from oozing much (plasma and blood) cuz otherwise it gets messy.

  15. I think Sheridan is a girl. As stupid as that name is, I really can’t see this being a boys name. And what looks to be a handbag strap over her shoulder is a dead givaway.

  16. @bradles… I know one Sheridan and it’s actually a guy. But agreed that its probably a girl based on the purse.

  17. Yes, Ghandi is definitely a risk! =P.. ahahahah..

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