Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spelling Counts

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  1. Can’t tell if Lamebook is trying to be funny or simply stupid.


  3. ahhh shit

  4. This is

  5. Fake.

  6. wait. I think i’m finally beginning to understand.
    so, auto-correct is not infallible? surely not? perhaps another eleventy-dozen posts with hilarious auto-correct errors might be required?

  7. Anyone who even writes “self-employed” correctly is just avoiding saying “unemployed”. If you’re truly self employed, you’ll have a job description of some sorts.

  8. Yes. One that entails helping friends move and driving them to the airport.

  9. Here’s a thought for those of you cretins who rely on autocorrect because you’re too lazy to learn to check yourselves: Learn to fucking spell.

    I wonder if ‘Arabs’ legs taste like falafel?

  10. Did the NFL teach us nothing? Never put VICKs near your dog.

  11. #9, nails – you’d have to ask the ‘meat man’ how they taste.


  12. crane, anyone who says “self-employed” (or slef employed, for that matter) is simply avoiding saying “drug dealer”

  13. I dunno. I think ‘self-employed’ sounds a fuck-tonne less shady than ‘meat man’.

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