Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet, Online Love


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  1. She does have a pretty nice ass…..just sayin.

  2. Oh and I also say Ben. Can’t forget about Ben.

  3. I have to agree with lexluther.
    If I had an ass like that, I’d put it on facebook, too.

  4. I’d save a snowman for a girl with a good sense of humour.

  5. you guys must never get laid. or just have bad eyes or taste. her ass is NOT nice. look at her ass in the 2nd set of pics. it looks flat and like a dudes ass

  6. Crazydude must just watch porn all day and has never seen a real woman’s ass before.

  7. are you saying you have to have a flat, manly ass to be a real woman? its not hard to find a girl with a nice caked up rump. ill stick to what i do, and you can stick to defending women with flat manly asses and muffin tops. are you Justin?????

  8. I’m just saying that you either have impossibly high standards or you have never seen a females rear end in real life. I am going with the latter. Perhaps both.

  9. hey anytime i go to comments, my norton antivirius goes nuts. anyhow that said, its a nice butt. I will referee the arguement at hand, Crazydude is right, it could be a guys ass, skinny girls tend to have asses that could be confused with a guys ass (assuming ass inst hairy and the thong really helps) but all in all, its a nice ass. However the owner of the ass is stupid enough to tatoo aguys name on it. this makes it a man ass that only justin will like. So thus Crazydude is sort of right, lex luther is sort of right too. Lex luther used the phrase “just sayin…” thus he loses. Also chics asses should be more bun like, but thats my opinion. I think it comes down to that old line black people use to mock white chics, “skinny doensnt mean sexy”.

  10. i agree with you all, that guy has got a perfect little ass. justin is *so* lucky!

  11. ^^^ That.

    It’s a girls arse, why does it look hairy? Plus, the clue is in the name – aMANda.

  12. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    A man, duh.

  13. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Also, she’s a chubster.

  14. That fat girl has a man’s ass.

  15. agree with crazydude. that is nowhere NEAR a nice ass. maybe average. but not nice.

  16. It’s a sad time we live in, really, where having standards means “you must not get laid/you must be a virgin.”

    Don’t like fat chicks? “You must like twelve year old boys.” For some reason the age is ALWAYS twelve.

    Don’t like bony anorexic chicks? “You must love fat chicks.”

    Is it not just possible to love hot chicks? I mean I love hot chicks. That is nowhere even close to an attractive female ass.

  17. I like fat chicks.

  18. Also, I never said it was nice, just that crazydude was wrong.

  19. My brother is called Ben. He’s a cunt.

  20. He’s not wrong, though…you’re wrong.

    That is nowhere close to a nice ass, or even a common or average ass. It is subpar. Go to any college, anywhere, and there will be literally hundreds and hundreds of nicer butts.

  21. Time for the truth.

    @iamanonion you can not compare this ass to hundreds on a campus. Those of you who have actually had sex know asses look very different in jeans than out–usually better in, as the ass takes on the shape of the jean.

    Her ass looks okay in pics one and three and pretty bad in picture two. Her cottage cheese thighs do not help. My advice–more treadmill, less Justin.

    The voice of reason

  22. Ach! Well, “the truth” is, the treadmill won’t help cottage cheese thighs. That’s genetics. Or, a good chunk of change and the proverbial knife.

    That said, her ass looks good in all of the pics. It’s not the most fantastic ass in the world, but really, only one person can have that. (I do agree, however- it’s not exactly the smartest thing ever to plaster one’s ass on FB or to get a guy’s name tattooed on it.)

  23. listen to you guys argue. I imagine lots of you are in your early 20’s if not much younger. in college my uncle said something to me that really hit home. enjoy your young years cause when women turn 25, there tits hit hte ground and etc etc. I can just tell who is under 20 here, and sorry to tell you, you get old, and chics your age get cottage cheese legs , some real bad, others not so bad but its there. boob s sag. and you can act all cocky and pretend you want the picture perfect model you think you deserve but you settle, you settle like they settle for you cause guess what, you age too and its a bitch. Cosmetic companies will tell you youre not good enough with your hairline, and whatever and they really work the women , but its unavoidable. it starts around 26, you let a little fat get by, maybe a big butt, next thing you know, you settle with someone whose as aged as you. When your a 75 year old widow, you most likely will end up hooking up with another 75 year old,though you want the 22 year old. you dont want to but you have to and your little brain that only thinks of looks changes, you adapt, thats why kids are so stupid, its life, have fun with it. Its all down hill from whatever age you are if you are that superficial and think you are worth a 22 model wasteing her time on you. (a motivational message by sirbutlust)

  24. Nice speech, sirbutlust. You make a few decent points, but what cracks me up is that you seem to think it’s the men who are settling. Have you compared men and women on the whole lately? More often than not we’re the ones settling for a guy with a beer belly or bad hygiene, whereas these same guys expect us to look like porn stars. I’m not saying men shouldn’t have high standards when it comes to women- of course you should! I don’t like cottage cheese thighs any more than you do. I’m just pointing out that men should be held to the same standards.

  25. Sirbut, at age 25-26? Ha! Lots of women look great long past that age. I don’t know what kind of fugly women your uncle was used to dealing with.
    Jasmine, I agree with you in one sense. However, it should be noted that women emphasize physical appearance much less than men. I think women are genuinely less likely to care if a man is overweight or otherwise fails to match some idealized standard, and that is part of why men feel less pressure to maintain their appearances.
    Not to mention that men generally consider themselves to be borderline Heath Ledger regardless of how they actually look. So good luck trying to convince them to improve their appearances.

  26. Justin has no pants on, either.

  27. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Who the fuck is sirbutlust hanging around that their boobs sag at age 25? Seriously. What the fuck.

  28. I could think of more charming ways to show someone I love them, tattooing their name on my arse is just so tacky, whether it’s a nice arse or not.

  29. Save the snow man!

    My wife is 30. We have three kids. And she’s still smoking hot.

    I make sure I keep myself fit, too, so that she still wants me. Jasmin is right – what woman wants to spend time in the bedroom with a fat, hairy dude that can hardly breathe?

    Mad, I have to point out that women are more likely to have an affair than men are. It’s probably because we are disgusting, judgemental, demanding, and rude creatures that compare our woman to Miss Universe, and then tell her to make a sandwich. And to top it off, we don’t save the snowmen often enough.

  30. That but is only okay, not close enough to a 12 year old boys’

  31. I <3 you, beatusmongous. And I'm pretty sure your gorgeous wife won't be straying…

  32. Even in my current state of post-op recovery (again), with my eyes playing all sorts of tricks on me, I can easily see that ass leaves a lot to be desired. But I’ve seen worse, so I’ll just leave it at that.

    And I’m with you, Baccante, beatusmongous is bloody awesome. Too bad he’s taken, but the good ones always are, aren’t they? Your wife is one lucky lady, mister.

  33. Thanks, Baccante and Word. But if you ever have the chance to meet my wife, you’ll realize that I’m the lucky one.

  34. beatusmongos, it’s gay, chest-shaving carpetmunchers like you who are putting men’s rights back like 5,000 years. A man doesn’t need to be “fit” – if a hippo dude can pop one off in 30 seconds and his hippo muscles can sustain the rocking of his hippo fat for 30 seconds, then that’s all that’s required to ensure that the human race survives.

    But double standards exist for a reason. Hefty women can’t have babies. Wake the fuck up.

  35. You’re a rare breed of male, beat, especially on this misogynistic playground that is the internet. Love it.

  36. word – i never realised you were a post-op. that goes some way towards explaining your fear and loathing of the male organ. i guess sometimes it’s easier to leave the past behind by whimpering “men are pigs” than to actually face up to who we are.

    beatusmongous – your obsession with your body, along with the constant references to your wife/beard and low self-esteem all point to one thing. i know what it is like to lead a double life.

    i just want to let you both know, i’m here for you in your time of need. i will gladly rate your asses on, and i would be delighted to send you my blowjob tutorial video.

  37. Yeah, I’m a post-op vinnie, and I have to say it’s hurts so much more the second time around. I’ve read your paragraph a couple of times, and I’m sorry to say I don’t really get what you’re saying. Don’t bother spelling it out it for me, though. As long as you’ve amused yourself, then that’s all that matters.

    And I don’t need or want you to rate my ass or show me how to perform fellatio. I’m all good on both counts. Goodnight, little boy.

  38. Cheeky…

  39. word, you know i’m just a whore for your withering put-downs…

  40. since I’m +25 I’m just going to take my fat ass, cottage cheese thighs and saggy boobs and sit over in the corner. Just wanted to say kisses word <3

  41. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @Vincent, so you made a blowjob tutorial video? Are you any good at it and do you swallow?

  42. Walter who the fuck can knock one out in 30 seconds? Lock the door, turn down the lights, grab the lube, and stand in your window, preferably fronting onto a busy street, and FUCKING ENJOY THAT WANK!

    To whoever said guys want a porn star girlfriend, not true, (Hi i’m Dave, 23 years old) and my girlfriend is 21, she’s stunning, far more beautiful than any siliconed-up, fake blonde-haired skank who takes it up the pooh chute for a little bit of money. Maybe if you go to the gym a little more often, took pride in your appearance, the more attractive ladies would take notice of you, you’d stop idolizing porn stars, and wouldn’t have to “settle”. By the way, if you’ve “settled”, you’re a fucking terrible human being. And if anyone gives me that bullshit about looks not being important, when was the last time you went to a bar or club and hit on an ugly chick? Riiiiight.

  43. That all sounds like an awful lot of effort.

  44. Stay classy, Amanda, stay classy…

  45. Yeah chicks don’t mind guys with guts or fat asses, as long as that wallet is fat.

  46. Two bulls were up on top of a ridge overlooking a pasture full of cows. The younger, stronger bull was full of vigor and excitement upon seeing all of the beautiful cows. “Let’s each choose a cow, run down the hill, grab the cow we want, and take her away so we can each have a cow.”

    “That’s an excellent idea,” said the older, more experienced bull. “We could very well do that. Or, we can slowly walk down the hill, and have them all.”

  47. I don’t get it. Why did that stupid, old bull share half the cows with the younger bull when he could have easily just let the younger bull only have one? Was he gay?

  48. Are you guys fucking blind? That ass isn’t fat. It’s delicious. You see any cellulite bumps on her ass? No. That automatically means skinny.

    Beatusmongous, I love you. Don’t listen to these pig jackasses and women who have no pride for their sex.

    You’re not a fag. You’re wonderful.

  49. youd be surprised how nice an ass can look in a blurry 1 inch cell phone picture.

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