Friday, September 9, 2011

A Few Friday Photos!

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  1. How did they know that the blow dryers were used in other places??

  2. Fucking howlin at the moon.

    Also #2 would have been funnier if “YOUR HEAD” only was bolded.

  3. I believe that’s the earth, not the moon, unless the moon’s now sporting an atmosphere.

  4. Oh fuck, I didn’t see that the douche in #1 has a picture of himself on his wife-beater. I need to get me one of those.

  5. #1 doesn’t need a girlfriend, he’s in love with himself.
    #3 – incredible the people with enough $ to buy DSLR and bootlegged photoshop charging people for wedding photos that look this retarted. It’s your wedding. get a professional, not some random relative who does crap photos like that. Brutal

  6. my gym has hair dryers on the locker room walls also. every time I go I see old ladies drying their nether regions, in cracks and under flaps.

  7. SNC, you might be correct, but then where the fuck are they? I have never seen the planet earth while standing on planet earth.

  8. 1 douche
    2. i get sick once a month when i went to the gym. bought a bike and hike instead.
    3. This is what happens when you let your wedding photographer (or motherin law or mom who thinks they are creative) run your wedding. at mine i got pictures taken real fast (this is easy attianable by getting married by a windy lake in early March) and actually enjoyed my cocktail hour.

  9. Has anyone noticed that the douchebag has sunglasses on his head??

  10. They forgot to blur out his eyes on the t-shirt. LOL.

  11. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I’ve personally never used a hair dryer to dry any hair other than that on my head. But I really don’t see the problem. I mean; you hold it like a foot away from whatever you’re drying and the air is blowing AWAY from the dryer – that’s how they work.

  12. That bride is fat.

  13. … and what’s with all the flowers on that douche?

  14. *Leaves

  15. #1: Mmmm. Nice shaved pits. The hallmark of manliness

    #2: To be fair to Danielle X, maybe the dryer is like the one at the beginning of Wayne’s World?

    #3: I’m missing the relevance of the cartoon icon superimposed on the guy’s tie (?). Does he also have a 4″ nail behind his ear?

  16. How do theses fine specimens of white trash have access to so much technology. Shouldn’t they be engaging in scrimshaw on trailer steps?

  17. In the first one, it’s a picture of his brother on his shirt that passed away but yeah he is posing kinda gay for the facebook picture.

  18. Isn’t that first one from photofunia, looks like one of theirs…

  19. The sunglasses & nail [?] in #3 are effing hilarious. Thanks for pointing out the Earth and the unblurred eyes, such an intense self-photo!

  20. That last one is almost perfect. They just left out a dolphin or two for the sky.

  21. I thought that was a toothpick behind his ear

  22. i think number three was a stolen screenshot from final fantasy in the background

  23. First one is from a “photo fun” website.. There is a weirdo on my Fbook who put herself on the wall and the t-shirt and had it as her profile pic. It’s to make it look like you’re his girl cause he’s supposed to be a hunk, I guess. Loopy broad.

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