Monday, January 16, 2012


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  1. lame

  2. mf must stand for mother fucker…. i’m still first because im better than you.

  3. sorry… that was rude of me. im sure you’re a nice guy. but i’m still better than you.

  4. The worst “hacks” are the ones that are done by someone’s gf/bf. Yesterday I actually saw,” ohmahgawd my bf hacked my profile, aaaah I love you baby!! January 14, 2012 <3". Wtf, I hate this world.

  5. agreed with maybecakes.

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    Just goes to show how generally dumb the human population is. Had it not been for all this safety equipment or lawsuits human society would be pretty well off.

  7. Paranoid Android72

    The world is gradually being taken over by idiots. I blame the U.S.A (obviously).

  8. ^I live there and I still blame the USA

  9. “Hacked” is what I’d use to describe only the first two, smaller options. “Stupid” is the 3rd, green option. “Fraped” is what I equate to the 4th, blue option.

  10. Out of character for me, i know, but I’m gonna disagree with you slightly there, beatus.
    “Hacked”, definitely, for the first option. But the second clearly belongs under “Stupid”.

  11. Errrm… you know what i meant.

  12. Yeah, I know what you meant. I say we mix the second option and call it “hacked for your own stupidity”.

  13. I’m down with that.

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