Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tip Top Type

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  1. The “pear” was bad, but I think the lime green, bold, giant “VAG!!” was the worst of it.
    Vag! Vag! Vag! Vag! …what was the post about now?

  2. MsBuzzkillington

    If I could grow a pear, I’d never have to buy fruit again.

  3. The third one is intentional. It’s a line from a Ke$ha song, she spells pair as “pear” in the title. In concert both a dancer in a pear costume and a dancer in a penis and balls costume come out dancing.

  4. germanbratwurst

    The second one was done on purpose.

  5. MsBuzzkillington

    I am sorry, but do we know that Kesha knows that it’s pair and not pear?

    I mean, she spells her name with a $.

  6. I checked out the link…wow. Ke$ha. ): That is grim.

  7. CommentsAtLarge

    Buzzy, I can almost guarantee she doesn’t know how it’s spelled.

  8. You guys have it all wrong. The first line she is just making it clear to everyone that her only interest is in farmers (those of pear growing background preferably) and that she has no interest in urban folk. In the second line she is just stating a general fact- it is completely impossible to date a dude with a vag, because they would be female if they had a vag. The Kesha thing is just a coincidence. I’m sure her next photo has top line “Gimme a call when you cultivate your livestock”, in the lower line, “Abraham Lincoln was born in the early 1800s!”

  9. First it isn’t long enough. Then it isn’t fat enough. Now I have to have pear sized balls?

  10. Huh, oddly enough I just can’t date a dude with a pear. It happens to be one of my least favorite fruits.

  11. The first one is from Damn You Autocorrect. Try again.

  12. @Jonjones, excellent analysis. 😉

  13. That girl is a peach. I bet she is the apple of her father’s eye. I want to grape her. I would eat her dingleberries. Fruit.

  14. Looks like god is a victim of lamebook’s nazi lower-case policy. I therefore proclaim myself bigger and more awesome than god* and ben franklin.

    *If such an entity exists, stay cool Christian dudes.

  15. I proclaim myself more awesome and detailed than franklin mint

  16. #12 You are funny, are you German?

  17. Paranoid, ooohh by eck boy, did you see Guy last night? 😉

  18. Nah, missed it, thank the (made-up) lord for iPlayer.

  19. Speaking of growing a pair, old ‘Flatty McBoyboob’ up there wouldn’t give the best tit wank in the world would she?

    If she’s growing anything it’s her fucking ‘tash by the looks of it.

  20. I don’t care if Kesha did it, the pear one made me chuckle a lot. Whats with the God one? She spelt it with a lowercase g, and then felt the need to correct it to an upper case. OH MY GOD THAT’S SO LAME.

  21. mofo, I have to disagree. Her boobs aren’t that small. As for her not being equipped to give a good tit wank? I can’t say. You’re the expert in such matters, no doubt.

  22. Eeh by gum make sure you have your brew ready!

  23. Actually wordy you’re right I would splash a pear load on her chest bags now I’ve had a proper chance to look at them.

    She’s a bit picky though isn’t she?… I mean not everybody owns a municipal transport company from the city of Freiburg in Breisgau in Germany.

  24. I like how everyone’s pointing out that the spelling of “pear” is intentional, as if that image is otherwise normal, tasteful, and sensible.

  25. to the chick in the third post…when you grow a pair give me a call cuz i can’t date a chick with no boobs

  26. dev take a closer look. At first I too thought her milk sacks were empty but upon closer inspection it turned out her chesticles could indeed be rodeoed.

  27. Teenagers…sigh.

  28. noted

  29. That is actually a song by Ke$ha, and yes she spells “pair” as pear in the song. So I don’t think there is anything wrong with this picture, just a normal picture with quotes from a song, happens quite often?

  30. Don’t know if I’d take spelling advice from someone who spells her own name with a dollar sign and dresses like she slept in a dumpster. But that’s just me.

  31. Am I the only one who’s concerned with the girl who went back and capitalized “God” but left the face-palm worthy “themselfs” untouched?

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