Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Urine Trouble

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  1. Serves him right for being named “Scythe”.

  2. That Baby Gaga one for Reina is all over the place. I’ve seen it for about 10 of my friends who are pregnant. Not lame….kinda interesting in fact.

  3. There are a ridiculous number of groups called “I love the smell of my own fart(s)” on Facebook. Why can’t they be happy with one?

  4. +1 chalmers.

    i used to do the piss-in-a-bottle-on-road-trips thing. then, i somehow fucked it up one time and ended up spraying piss all over myself and my driver’s seat. had to pull over in a mcdonald’s in the middle of nowhere, chane clothes in the car, and toss my piss-stained clothes straight into a trash can. oh, and sit on a towel for the next, oh, 5 hours or so. it was a nightmare. not worth it people… pull over to pee.

  5. I pull over and pretend I am on my cell phone, sometimes I’ll even just hold my cigarette pack to my ear. I hold it with my right hand and my left is on my hip .. so it’s a different technique than using a urinal. Sometimes I gesture dramatically as I stand there pissing into the ditch. Try it out!!

  6. CommentsAtLarge

    Good strategy Mass, after all you are answering nature’s call…

  7. Comments…that’s funny.

  8. slicingupeyeballs

    Just piss. When you’re a bloke the world is your toilet…

  9. Sure, if your World has no law enforcement. lol

  10. MsBuzzkillington

    Yeah, I agree with Slicing. Can’t a guy just pull over and pee? You can’t be THAT pressed for time. Also, he couldn’t spit it back in the can? Instead he decided it would be a better idea spit it out the window going 70 mph? Back. splash.

  11. I agree with Super. What the hell does anyone expect from a guy who thought that Scythe was a cool fake FB name…

  12. Maybe I’m just sick and twisted but there are way worse things than urine to accidentally pour into your mouth.

  13. @11
    Yeah…you’re pretty sick and twisted.

  14. Ms. Buzzkillington: Believe me… you do not want to get out of your car in Gary, Indiana when it’s dark outside. I lived in a shitty town like 20 minutes from there for a while and got lost and ended up in Gary… it’s seriously the shittiest place in the world. That whole area is. Basically anywhere with a 219 area code God really had diarrhea and didn’t make it to the toilet and bent over and shit there. Cause it’s that bad.

  15. I believe it’s a shitty town, but why wouldn’t you want to get out of your car? Is it a hotbed of violence or something? The rest of the country thinks of Winthrop singing “Gary, Indiana, my home thweet hoooome!” so that’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around.

  16. The smell of asparagus urine is one surely from the depths of Hell.

  17. I like to pee in Gary, only because it glitters so fine. I’d do it in Jackson Hole, but my penis is not nine.

  18. Pissing in Gary, oh the memories.

  19. Gary is very scary. I would not stop to go pee in Gary alone ever. Anywhere. Ever. Ever.

  20. Lulz, you know you like to squat on Gary. The hard knock life vs. your stream of justice, you can’t help but squirt.

  21. If I could squirt I would be a happy gal.

    Unless it’s just pee.

    Is it just pee?

    I don’t think it’s just pee.

  22. Aww isn’t having a baby such a beautiful thing.

  23. It’s just pee. A gushing torrent, flowing in waves of undulating ecstasy, but pee nonetheless.

    Also, Pear Girl looks like you.

  24. Way to go Reina, babies drinking piss, how fucking hilarious. We don’t take kindly to people who make fun of horrible things in combination with babies! I mean are there no limits?

  25. I recall an occasion when I accidentally drank some asparagus piss… I was supposed to be gargling a gob full of liquid shit but had picked up the wrong sack by mistake.

    Reina my baby drinks my pee too!…I say baby, she’s 16 now.

  26. Sick.

  27. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Soup! PEAR GIRL?? Really? I mean she has a pretty face so I guess that’s alright… but damn I hope the rest of me doesn’t look like her. Hahaha

  28. CommentsAtLarge

    Lulz was it Calumet City? (aka Cal Shitty)

    Lauriebeth Gary was the US murder capital for a long time and has a huge gang problem, so yes not getting out of the car is highly recommended in most sections of town. Even in daylight.

  29. Comments, I lived in Cal City for a while AND Whiting for a while. Ugh. Worst year of my fuckin life! Cal City is almost as scary as Gary. I remember I stopped into a Burger King in Gary for breakfast one morning on my way to work…. LOL. Wow. Yeah. Never again.

  30. I just saw that baby post yesterday from one of my pregnant friends on facebook. I actually had three pregnant friends at once who were all signed up for those stupid posts. It’s getting kind of annoying now but oh well.

  31. Ksleeve, if it’s annoying then why haven’t you hidden it from your feed? Durr.

  32. CommentsAtLarge

    Lulz, I’m sure you probably won’t come back this far, but that’s funny. I grew up in CC and dated a girl in Whiting for a while – I wholly agree with your assessment.

  33. omg his name is scythe sexton and he’s the biggest piece of straight edge shit to ever deserve to drink his own piss. 🙂

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