Monday, September 20, 2010

Boys N Girls

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  1. jimmyjames – First of all, no one said anything about RAPE or forcing anyone to have sex. We were discussing sex as part of a healthy relationship and that it’s unrealistic for people to long periods without it when they are with someone. It goes without saying that you can’t rape someone or force them to do something they don’t want to do, so why you even brought that up is beyond me. Second of all, you don’t have to have sex in order to have your libido activated. That’s why plenty of virgins masturbate.

    muepsilongamma – I’m sorry your Catholic upbringing has ruined sex for you. I hope that in time you will see it’s ludicrous to deny yourself these things and you’ll just say F it and enjoy your life. If you don’t want to have sex until you’re married, that’s fine, but you do have to expect that most guys won’t wait that long. It’s just the way it is. As far as saying we’re not animals, we most certainly are. We have evolved to a level of consciousness that no other animal has, and that’s incredible. But we are mammals too. All I meant was that sex is a part of life, for every species. There’s nothing wrong with it. The Catholic church is racist, homophobic, misogynistic, unable to admit it’s guilt in covering up sex abuse scandals worldwide, unable to concede that their views on sex & contraception are outdated and dangerous and unable to concede that women have a right to their own bodies. Whatever you decide to follow in life, don’t follow the Catholic church.

  2. Um, you just asked me to deny my religion…

    Putting that aside, as I said, I agree with a large part of your argument. And if it really was as easy as saying F it and just switching over, I’d do it.

    But I stand by this: it was absolutely not unrealistic for me to abstain from sex when I was fifteen. I was just a child, and I had no business getting into all that stuff at such a young age, especially when the relationship only lasted a total of five months. I don’t care how much society says it’s okay, kids should not be having sex. Sex is for adults.

  3. muepsilongamma is the Dan_Fargis of sex. I would call her a troll but she seems to actually be invested in the idea of preaching virginity on a website populated by sexual deviants who have fucked and been fucked in every possible orifice.

  4. I know for a fact that Soup has gone beyond fucking natural orifices and he has started creating artificial orifices to fuck.

  5. Dukey, I’m not preaching virginity. I could care less what other people do with their bodies. I’m only saying that people should never pressure other people into having sex just because it’s the norm of society.

  6. I need sex more than I need food.
    Some people are like that. Some people aren’t.
    Deal with it.

  7. p.s. Go *tigerlillies* !

  8. @MissBea

    Okay then. I wasn’t having any problem dealing with it before, so I don’t know why you felt the need to remind me.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @muepsilongamma, I hate arguing with “alleged” trolls, but the point here is clear. Everybody gets to act as they please AND everybody gets to react as they please. So, feel free to be celibate as long as you don’t mind being abandoned by every guy you meet. Even the guys who stick around will only stick around till they see a stronger prospect for sex i.e no one will force you to have sex, but you can’t expect to force others to stick around either.

  10. Thanks. I now have a very positive outlook on my future relationships. I suppose I’ll end up as that crazy cat lady everyone makes fun of. If I don’t commit suicide before then. After all, nobody wants another cat lady. Not even the cats.

  11. @muespilongamma

    That’s simply not true, I’m always keeping my eyes open for a kind, caring lady to share my life with.

    Some folk who comment on here can be quite perverted and have a shallow, dark outlook on life.

    I on the other hand have always tried to maintain a certain ethical and moral level to what i write on here. So come and live with me and you can be a virgin for as long as you want. I promise. sort of.

    You’ll have to give up on this God fella though, this relationship will never fit three of us in. it’s either me or the crazy, judgemental, imaginary guy with the beard and thunderbolts.

  12. Oh come on, God is not a crazy, judgemental, imaginary guy with a beard and thunderbolts. He’s not a great big cosmic killjoy who’s looking to strike down anyone who doesn’t follow every word the church says. It’s not God who has the thunderbolts, it’s the church. I mean, look what they did to me. You think I like being like this?

    I appreciate all that though. Made me feel a bit better.

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    so MEG will you hop on Imamofo‘s dick now? He has shown love for you right?

  14. I wouldn’t call it love, I would call it.. respect, understanding, maybe even compassion. It’s a refreshing change from the usual ridicule I get. And I suppose that’s good enough for me. But it takes more than kindness and understanding to undo decades of brainwash.

  15. You know for someone who doesn’t want to argue with trolls, I have done a shit load of talking here.

  16. I’m not a troll, and I don’t believe we were arguing. But if you don’t like me, I understand. Few do.

  17. Awwwwww, is this the part where I shore up your self esteem?

  18. No, that is no one else’s job but my own. This is the part where I leave you all in peace, and go re-evaluate my life, possibly seeking professional help, discovering what I truly want out of life, finding my place in the world, attempting to achieve enlightenment, et cetera.

  19. Respect, understanding, compassion and kindness. These are the four corner stones of my existence. The foundation they stand upon is my unswerving love and dedication to muepsilongamma.

    Although Dukey you’re starting to look like an attractive proposition too.

    Maybe I spoke to soon about there not being enough room for three in this relationship. I think that between me and Dukey we could break you of your God addiction and replace it with a man meat one instead.

  20. Bahaha. lmamofo, I see through your ruse, but it’s making me laugh, which is my usual deal-breaker. Bring on the man meat.

  21. @muepsilongamma

    I actually registered for this after being a lurker for quite a long time.
    While I agree that no one should force anyone else to have sex because such are the social norms, sex actually is a requirement for what could be called a healthy intimate relationship.

    As for the rest, Tigerlillies244 beat me to most of what I’d want to say to you.

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