Monday, September 20, 2010

I Put a Spell on You

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  1. fist

  2. I want a 3.5″ floppy dick for Christmas.

  3. My sister-in-law is named Casey, and I’m very scared that the first one might be her. I wouldn’t be surprised. *facepalm

  4. Wait – La’shal’s siblings names are Lakisha, Tob, and CHRIS?? Chris?! Where on earth did they come up with Chris in that family?

    P.S. mason is my hero.

  5. Casey just didn’t finish his post, he obviously meant ‘and take pictures of coarse, sweaty seadogs whilst they man their vessels’ or something similar.

  6. 3.5″ floppy dick for Christmas.



  7. @Ladyrisk no need to be scared, She has a very good plan. She wants to travel to a place that already speaks the language and teach them a language she can’t speak. The students wont care because they already speak English so it’s an easy “A+” and as far as the parents are concerned the reason their kids speak such great English is because the school hired that great teacher from America (Yes, I am assuming she is from the U.S)

  8. mason, that’s the biggest win i’ve seen ‘fo’ tiiiiiiime’.

  9. What todAnthony? You want a 3.5 floppy fist for Christmas?

  10. I remember seeing one of those cameras in 2003 and thinking “Wow, that is awesome.” 🙁 Back then I had 2 Discmans (Discmen?) and I would carry 10 CDs with me wherever I went.

  11. Mason – you are my hero.

  12. @dukey, I remember those cameras too! Back then I had upgraded my Discman to a new mini-disc MP3 player. The cd’s were half the size so you could carry more of them. Oh what a trip down memory lane!

  13. Cockney’s a coarse dialect, but I don’t imagine you can take pictures of it.

  14. Any time you reference Ice Cube = automatic win.

  15. In 1998 a friend of mine had a sony digital camera that took 3.5 inch disks. We worked in IT and still thought it was awesome.

  16. krasivaya_devushka

    Buhahah wtf!?

  17. Casey, as the self-appointed representative for this shitty little island, I’d just like to tell you… I think we’re doing okay on the whole ‘English’ thing.

    Oh and, before you ask, I spoke to France earlier and they’re speaking that language pretty fluently too. Maybe another career choice?

  18. These made my head hurt.

  19. Mason is brilliant!

    I am not quite sure what La’shal means by ‘flugazy ass hoes’ but I like it. I will endeavour to use it in a sentence today.

  20. Would anyone care to translate for La’shal?

  21. Lmao @rockinghorsefly btw.

  22. I can’t lie, I’m pretty glad La’shal appears to live in something called the “educanion world” and not in mine.

    Also, Mason: marry me. And I hope Brad keeps his receipt, after a few hours a 3.5″ floppy dick gets old, even if you are filming it.

  23. I can’t believe people like Casey believe they have something to offer the English. Or anybody.
    And Mason wins!

  24. i also had a mini disc player! it was super sweet.

    mason wins my heart.

  25. The other night i was thinking ‘When I’m gone, I’m gone, there’ll be no more coming back and that I should just live my life like I only have one life to live’

    Then i got bored and went back to wanking whilst thinking about incest, necrophilia and George Bush.

  26. Mason…FTW!!!!

  27. lmao mason ftw

  28. seriously wth is wrong with these people?

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