Thursday, December 3, 2009

I’m Lynchin’ It


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  1. McDonald’s is the ‘Red Lobster’ for Republicans.

  2. Seeing as I’m pretty sure that most diaper changing stations are in the women’s restrooms, I presume that the artist is female?
    Somehow that just makes me appreciate this more…

  3. #34 For the WIN!!!

  4. The worlds most universally accepted paedophile is upping the ante` by luring parents to perform the infant-asphyxiation erotica with him. Ronald Mcdonald you fucked up again you stupid retart wranger! (Not sure on Wranger)

  5. I think you might find that the world’s most universally accepted paedophile is your local Catholic priest.

  6. loooooooooooool This picture just made my day!

  7. Honestly, I think
    Colonel Sanders is better
    To endorse lynchings.

  8. Mr Haiku, I basically love you for that poem.

  9. @O: I believe more people are willing to place their children in an establishment of Ronald rather than a place of pseudo-faith. At least Ronald has a playground, food at reasonable prices (used to anyway) and toys with food. Not to mention the birthday parties with ice-cream cakes. The only thing from above that catholic priests will offer is cream, but not the kind any child should know of.

  10. @Insane

    Fucking hilarious my friend.

  11. Is it terrible that I have a baby and am still laughing my ass off at this? This is amazing, Lamebook, I love you.

  12. @Interesting: Thank you very much 🙂

  13. LOL @ 16

  14. Aw not lame but GREAT.

  15. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Oh so awesome and so should not be here

  16. […] Baby hanging station :S […]

  17. @61 – I laughed, and then I realized how true that was, minus the noose.
    Have you put your kid on one of those, really? You’re expected to change a 10-. . what’s the weight limit? 25lb?
    And the thing is made of cheap plastic and held together by rusty bolts skinnier than you’re newborn boy’s peepee?
    No thanks. I’ll take my chances and change my kid on my lap, or a blanket on the floor when she’s bigger.
    Whoever did this, I applaud the statement about how corporate is so busy collecting money they are willing to risk children’s safety by placing them in potentially hazardous changing stations.
    Also, the damn straps aren’t long enough to hang a mouse from, much less a child.

  18. Somebody scratched the “C” off of changing and drew a lightbulb filament on the changer. Just in case people weren’t sure what that was.

  19. Its not a lightbulb filament idiot, it’s a noose.

  20. @delivertehcawk: I hope that was a joke. That’s what a light bulb may look like, but not the filament itself. :-S

    Great post though. hehe

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