Thursday, December 3, 2009

Presh Out the Box


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  1. If the baby is in the box, WHAT is in her belly? Sounds like a sequel to Alien.

  2. Mental.

  3. it bears repeating………

    O! M! G! WTF???????????

  4. The very first thing that popped in my head when I saw this jacked-up photograph was “I wanna get high, so high…” What sensible people would request such a monstrosity and what professional would allow themselves to be dragged into such unicorn-farting-butterflies-kinda’ photography? Unless they paid off your mortgage with that photo, you’re a dumb-ass, Mr/Mrs. Photographer!

  5. I saw this on a few months ago.

  6. You should all be ashamed. 105 comments and NOBODY has noticed that the very first post incorrectly states the color of the box. Observation FAIL!

  7. […] 0 Posted by Spooty at 7:01 am […]

  8. Damn, I thought this was a comment on their baby being the messiah or something like that, with the whole halo effect…then I thought, that can’t be it, because MY SON is the messiah….

  9. She misspelled “too”-this picture is just so _________ (I can’t pick a word) that I am just going to ignore it

  10. I’m a fat chick.

    Hate away. How bigoted can you get?

  11. Really? How many times do I have to see this picture? Check the comments here and see how many times this has been posted… Lame.

  12. Not not that obese couple, its the friggin baby in a box you friggin weirdos!! You find the obesity more odd than a tiny baby out of a box…….society is sad.

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