Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Now Pronounce You Addicted to Facebook

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  1. i talked to him and he did not not know that was going to happen. he is going to be on fox and friends tomorrow morning as well talking about it. p.s. the couple are happy and i don’t understand how this joke makes him a bad person?

  2. justme: Ok thanks. I don’t know what he is. This maybe due to the fact i have no respect for religion or it’s followers. So me calling him a priest was just another part of the negligence towards religion i like to show 🙂

  3. So he updated his relationship status from “single fuckin nob head” to “married”. No big deal.

  4. Well… I think it’s cute.

  5. i don’t know why everyone is fisting the groom, the dumb cunt right next to him is doing the same thing!

  6. The doosh guy’s Facebook status in a months time “Hey im watching Twilight in the cinemas with the missus and im looooooving it. The blowjpb the missus is giving is ok. From Edward would be better”.

  7. holy crap you guys are hostile. It’s a little lame, but those of you trying to come up with a slew of creative insults are a lot lamer.

  8. First off, half of the children posting idiotic comments on here come off very “lame”, second off I would like to see everything they have posted or said scrutinized on a website, I’m sure there is plenty of material there. Third these people are getting married, judge them or don’t but you’re honestly wasting your lives writing insults about someone’s wedding ceremony, you can’t be much better. And if you want to comment on my comment then feel free, I’m sure you have nothing better to do anyways. I know I don’t, which is why im wasting time looking at this website because I wanted to see the odd things people are posting on facebook.

  9. @figaro54 If you can’t handle the stuff being posted on this site and people making fun of it then SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET THE FUCK OFF!! People like you are such a buzz kill, I can’t imagine you have many friends. Go die!!!

  10. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    I kinda enjoyed it. At first I thought it was going to be lame, but as long as everyone there enjoyed it, then why the hell not…?

  11. I second Fistaculars’ motion!

  12. Fist! Fist! Fist!

  13. Let’s try to go viral!

  14. Let’s try to go viral! LAME

  15. lmao thats funny!

  16. I expected to hate these people but somehow found the little joke amusing. That said,

    @chiiro: Church weddings are “boring to be in and boring to watch”, eh? It’s people like you who’ve twisted the rite of marriage into a unrecognizable three-ring circus. Do you even know what getting married means??? If you want entertainment, hop on down to Vegas and catch a show. I’m glad anyone who might have invited you to their wedding because they assumed you CARE has been forewarned by your post.

  17. it’s obviously a joke, and i think it’s really cute.

  18. That is superb. More people need to have a sense of humour like those two

  19. The fact that he was also carrying a phone for his wife was sweet ^-^;

  20. Pathetic.

  21. watching this video, my immediate thought was that it was a joke…all planned out. Remember the wedding entrance to that hip hop song that is one of the top most viewed videos of all time? Well, this is obviously along the lines of that. Not as clever-but funny.

  22. John Players Standard

    Goddamn seriously hate people…

  23. I think it’s kind of funny because they were both in on it, but this will come back to bite him in the ass if they ever divorce

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