Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pants On Fire


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  1. Pull a lorraina Bobbit huh?

    That guy better run, and fast.

  2. I bet Mara’s fat.

  3. Best part about this post is that omitted = admitted. At least I think that’s what she’s trying to say. If not, good for the guy for preventing foreclosure!

  4. Why is she bitching if the bills are being paid? Ungrateful wench.

  5. “hey i haven’t seen you in 2 years! did you know my brother was murdered?”


  6. >JPizzle

    I assumed she meant he didn’t to tell her the house was in foreclosure. Admitted would make the rest of that sentence make more sense though.

  7. And just out of curiousity did he have a college degree or didn’t he? Did he omit to it or admit to it??
    Im perplexed.

  8. I can’t work out if the guy admitted he didn’t have a college degree, or omitted the fact that he did.

    Depends on the school, I guess.

  9. I can’t really feel sympathy for this chick… I mean… that’s a lot of stuff to be fooled about.

    I guess dude could be a super conman… But I doubt it.

  10. The Scarlet Pimple

    It took me two readings to realize what the fuck was going on.
    Oh, by the way, CALL ME!!!

  11. This bitch is dumber than rocks! Wow..and she has ‘friends’ on her Facebook? Layne doesn’t even question the stupidity in all of this typing? I seriously, don’t understand a lot of it.
    “Haven’t seen you in 2 years did you know my brother was murdered?”

  12. Yes your husband is a lying douche, but you need to consider this pragmatically: If you divorce the guy, you divorce his mother too, and do you really want to let go of someone willing to pay your bills for you?

  13. The guy he used as an alibi subsequently said to him, in front of her “Hey! I haven’t seen you in two years!! etc.,” thus blowing his cover.

  14. There’s a point where she must sit down and go “god, I’m dumb”. That’s a lot of things to be fooled about. College degree, well, she doesn’t have one, at least, I hope she doesn’t.
    On the other hand, CALL ME! 🙂

  15. He omitted that the house was going into foreclosure as he was earning his college degree on a singles website?

    Yes. That is certainly “flase” crap.

  16. I just don’t even..
    Flase crap??!
    And does the guy have a college degree or not?
    And if he does why is it a bad thing.
    Forget Lorraina Bobbit, sounds like this woman had a lobotomy :S

  17. Has this heifer ever heard of thing called personal responsibility?? Jeezus, this woman is a special kind of stupid.

  18. She obviously never worried about the bills.
    How do you wind up in foreclosure if mom pays?? That takes a special kind of talent.
    Really the stripper sounds like the high point of their relationship.

    She’s been in LaLaLand for quite a while and it was only Strippergate that got her asking some questions. This is the LEAST curious woman on earth.

  19. @Anitalaff
    “LEAST curious women on earth”…or dumb bitch?

  20. @ anonymous

    I had a rare moment of generosity

  21. Lorraina, dear wife,
    Thanks for serving me so well.
    You can keep the tip.

  22. Dear Mr Haiku
    Your words are music to me
    I think I love you

  23. its lorena but I can ignore that for the fact that that comment was an awesome reference to a terrible incident XD Mr. Haiku=Win

    that comment stung like a knife to the … oh wait…

  24. Yay Mr. Haiku!
    Stay longer this time to mock
    Everything dumb.

  25. I think this status may be fictional. It appears to be far fetched for her to have conceived on her own accord. Although with all of the spelling errors in her nonsensical ramblings it is possible that she did come up with it.
    Maybe this guy lied to her because he was afraid that Jaba the Hut was going to eat him, and not in a good way.

  26. She is a fat dumb bitch who smells like dirty front bum

  27. Here’s an idea, you idiot: Ask some questions before getting married not after the fact. If you had done that you might have realized that there are no such thing as “flase” pretenses, you wiffle pig.

  28. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @polishsausage – wiffle pig. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  29. Mara kill yourself for believing all that while being married for 2 years!? how retarded do you have to be?

  30. Most of you guys are real assholes. I know this girl – I have for 5 years. The story is real, she does have a college degree and she’s about a size 4, so if you think that’s fat, you should probably be shot. I’m pretty sure if any of you were that angry, you wouldn’t care so much to proof read what you wrote either.

    He didn’t tell her the house was in foreclosure, and lied about having a college degree (he doesn’t have one). People fall for crazier shit than that all the time. How many of you have perfect marriages? Based on how quick you are to judge, I’ll say y’all are so insecure that you don’t even have real friends.


  31. texas_sailor: “Most of you guys…”? Who ever said we were guys? Who’s quick to judge now champ?

    I am pretty sure that if I were that angry, that last thing I would be doing would be sharing it on a public forum. Some food for thought at the very least eh tex?

    Oh, and best of luck tapping that college degree having size 4 ass.


  32. @ Kenada: I call everyone guys, regardless of sex. Well, not at all times. That is to say, I’d be all ‘You guys want any mango?’ at a group of chicks, but NOT ‘this guy I know got her period on some mango’

  33. I’m not taking texie sailies side on the whole ‘BAAWW YOU’RE MEAN’ thing though.

  34. @texas_sailor: What good is a college degree if you fail to use your brain? For the record if something is posted on Lamebook it will more than likely be ridiculed. So if this is something that will upset you, I suggest holding down the ‘Alt’ key then pressing ‘f4’. This will help with your heartache.

  35. Insane , i repeat my earlier statement , you ironic lil’ bastard

    And again i mean that as a compliment !

  36. *Takes another bow*

  37. I finally get the response from Layne, she (?) meant Lorena Bobbitt… the women that cut her husband’s penis off.

  38. woman*

  39. I think Layne is a smart woman.

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