Friday, November 20, 2009

Twilight Saga: PG-13?






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  1. Erm, don’t they make the food in front of you?
    btw. Hope he got canned. haha

  2. Canaduck,

    I get what you are saying. But let met defend my intense hate for these books/movies/turds. I’m 31, I’m a mom, I’m happily married. I have dozens of friends who are also happily married moms in their 30’s who will not shut up about these books. These books are garbage. Plain and simple and it’s baffling.

    SO baffling that I have started to read them so I can figure out what the FUCK the big god damn deal is! It’s irritating. Go to and read the Twilight message board thread entitled “I’m obsessed!” and TRY to not marinade in disgust. Try TRY T-R-Y to not spend your idle moments pondering what the hell happened to your once, seemingly, intelligent friends.

    Try to imagine yourself a casual writer/avid reader coming to terms with what is now passing for sensational writing.

  3. NettlesInYerMouth

    PennyLane, you sound like one of those self-avowed, “I’ll be published someday” wanna-be writers. Why don’t you stop reading the wretched things simply because those you share breathing space with are, and save the brain activity for a fictional pursuit of your own? You read what people say on Amazon’s comments? You’re not angry at “Twilight”, you’re angry at your average life. DIAF Thanks.

  4. No, I am pretty sure Penny Lane is 100% correct, Nettles.

  5. NEW POON!


  6. No, I have no plans on being published Nettles. I don’t write for any other reason than it’s good for my insides.

    I’m unsure of the difference between reading Amazon book reviews and reading Lamebook…

    If you are missing out on the entertainment of 1 star reviews on Amazon then I don’t know what to say. It’s a fun rainy day activity. Try reading the 1 star reviews for the Ouija Board. Talk about fun!

  7. chelsea’s status: EPIC LOL

  8. Chelsea’s status is fucking awesome!

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