Friday, October 16, 2009

Thanks, Tom.


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  1. tom = win

  2. First

  3. haha. i like it.

  4. Haha nice work Tom.

  5. Haha @ Trey and Matt L

  6. The face of a winner is only good enough to be photographed in the bathroom?

  7. A PUBLIC bathroom no less!

  8. I look at Tom, I see win.

  9. “wiener” is also misspelled. Tom = fail

  10. @9 – wrong, it’s right.

  11. Boom, roasted.

  12. A “winner” that carries around peach lipstick? And photographs himself in the school bathroom? M’kay.

  13. two things I love about this- that fact that ‘FACE OF A’ is in caps and ‘winner’ is all lower case. Kind of lessens the impact, less triumphant and more skeptical, like he’s not really convinced either. I’m almost surprised that there’s no question mark at the end…I’m Ron Burgundy?

    adding into this is how he has his arm out and his head cocked in a questioning kind of way. I can’t tell if he’s trying to say “come on, what do you think? I dare you to disagree!” or if he’s saying “FACE OF A winner…maybe?”

  14. probably didn’t want to run out of room.

  15. And we’re back! A stunning return to form from Lamebook. This is what it’s all about. Everything about this post is golden.

  16. Quality. Tom rocks!

  17. Trey is one of those kinds of people that need a weekly punch in the face, just to keep them grounded.

  18. Wimer? Besides, this is clearly photoshopped. The logo on his t-shirt is backwards and the man’s trousers have been cloned out from just above the knees downwards, revealing his legs.

  19. Ashley, don’t know if you’re just awake or not, but if your comment was posted on Facebook, it’d definitely belong on this site.

  20. @Ashley


  21. @Ashley
    Seriously? You do realize that mirrors make every thing backwards, it’s kinda what they do. Oh, and those are shorts. I can only hope that comment was some lame attempt at being funny.

  22. @jax

    wrong, it’s valid both ways

  23. @ emly

    Um, no, like all other “ie/ei” words, you don’t get to choose how to spell it. It’s “wiener”. “Weiner” is not a word; look it up in the dictionary.

  24. Guys, I’m guessing that Ashley was joking when she made that comment.

  25. hahahahahahahah at everyone who was annoyed at ashley, she was clearly jokin, have u guys never been on any sort of forum before, FAKE

  26. Lets hope so anyway

  27. hahahahahahaha Que, took the words right out of my mouth. Real or fake or a joke, its flippin hilarious.

  28. spelling tip for ie-ei words of German origin: pronounce the second letter.

    ei – “i” sound
    ie – “e” sound

    so “wiener” is spelled correctly. Not to mention wieners come from Wien, which is the German name for Vienna. “Wein” is the German word for wine.

    …studying German makes American grammar/spelling a no-brainer.

  29. and by American….I mean English. yes, attack me now.

  30. Aaaah, sweet satisfaction. Thank you Lamebook, thank you Tom.

  31. Tom is full of win.
    Trey is full of hubris and
    he likes cottaging.

  32. Trey (NOT the one pictured above)

    I am HIGHLY embarrassed to be associated with this vain-glorious show of douchebaggery by dubious virtue of sharing a common moniker with this person. Simply put, this genetic defective should be thrown screaming from a helicopter into the rotating blades of another, with the pieces being scattered across a barren wasteland…

  33. nope, it’s valid both ways.

  34. This is some kind of masterpiece of lameness. The shruggy/unconfident body language is perfect. And Tom’s comment is classic.

  35. Bahaha.
    Tom’s comment literally just made my day.

  36. @Erika – since his comment was unlikely to “audibly” make your day, i think the work “literally” was unnecessary.

  37. word* dammit.

  38. AHAHA I like this but he also misspelled weiner

  39. Hahaha @ Tom.


    Main Entry: wie·ner
    Variant(s): also wei·ner \ˈwē-nər, ˈwē-nē also ˈwi-nē\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: short for wienerwurst
    Date: 1900

    : frankfurter

    Yes, “weiner” is in the dictionary (see the second line). But I’m guessing since it came from “wienerwurst,” “wiener” is preferred.

  41. @18 I laughed. Guess I’m lame too.
    I thought it was funny dude.

  42. @18: It’s clearly photoshopped, yes. And definitely not a mirror. I mean, mirrors show things the right way.
    By the way, that was sarcasm. I’m pointing that out, because I fear you’re too retarded to figure it out yourself.
    Oh, and his pants aren’t cloned at all. They’re called ‘shorts’. Like pants, but shorter.
    God damn it, people are stupid.


  43. I don’t know why anyone thinks this is photoshopped. The logo on his shirt is reversed because it’s a picture taken in a mirror. The words in peach are _on_ the mirror and therefore not reversed. Also, I don’t see any evidence of his pants/shorts being cloned.

  44. Tom, you ass. Hahahaha

  45. Ahaha. Tom, you wanker.

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