Thursday, February 3, 2011

Background Checks!

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  1. STEVER!

  2. Beaver!

  3. Paint_my_nails_please


  4. The last girl’s parents are setting her up for a lifetime of eating disorders.

  5. Fever!

  6. Oh, Toodles, that is cruel. She’s adorable.

  7. Retriever?

  8. Bieber!

  9. #1: ZOMG an old lady on the couch with her eyes closed! SHE MUST BE DEAD!

    #2: ZOMG a guy on a beach wearing only his swimming trunks!

    #3 and 4: meh.

  10. the dog is just mimicking the guy in pic 3..

  11. I don’t know about ice cream, but I sure do have a hankering for some sausage.

  12. #1: Somebody is sleeping, that’s not even remotely funny.
    #2: The only thing wrong with this is their hideous matching dresses.
    #3: That looks staged, hardly worth a half hearted smile.
    #4: So what? It’s a dog taking a dump. LOLOOLOL POOPING. IT’S SO FUNNEH. /sarcasm.

  13. #1 I just find mean, poor lady is sleeping and the girls are about to rudely awaken her with a party popper.
    2 3 & 4 Blah

  14. @ norma

    #1 is funny because those party poppers are really, really loud. The poor old lady is about to be rudely awakened.

  15. It’s been a while since they posted a background check series. Unfortunately, this one wasn’t particularly good.

  16. that’s not a party popper it’s a cracker

  17. ps the chick on the left looks like she’s out of trailer park boys

  18. I love background checks, even the apparently bad ones. The only thing better is misspelled tattoos.

  19. That last girl is pretty fat. How hedonistically obtrusive of her

  20. I thought the last one was pretty funny. Only because it had a fat person wearing a shirt about ice cream.
    Heh heh. Fat people.

  21. Wow! Let’s make fun if a chunky kid. Way too cool for me. Heh heh. Stupid people.

  22. Paint_my_nails_please

    #4 looks like she’s got her arms on backwards.

  23. I do so love those misspelled tats.

  24. The last girl is holding her arms like a gorilla. I bet her knuckles get grazes on them from her dragging them on the ground. Actually, come to think of it, she pretty much looks like a gorilla. Period.

  25. Word, looks like she’s in that awkward “tween” phase and trying to get used to her training bra.
    How goes surviving that massive fucking storm?

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That little girl should not be screaming for ice cream.

  27. Training bra, Anders, you’re kind.

    I don’t live in the cyclone zone. I’m hot, but otherwise ok. But it was freaking amazing watching that thing come in.

  28. Aww Dukey, you’re sweet, too, but there’s nothing little about her.

  29. Nobody in picture 3 seems to know how to wear pants properly.

  30. @ BuzzKillington

    Thanks for the mention……….

  31. Wonder if the poor old lady in the first pic had a heart attack after they pulled that Christmas cracker?

    #4… that is one unfortunate-looking girl.

  32. The house in the first one needs a makeover. Nice jeans though.

  33. Photo 1 – Would, Would and Would… If I were given half a chance that cracker wouldn’t be the only thing popping its’ contents across the room.

    Photo 2 – Two seconds prior to this photo being taken I had thrown an electric toaster into the water.

    Photo 3 – Imagine the headlines… Boy Caught Curling Out a Squat Shit at a Fucking Crap Hat Convention Shocker!

    Photo 4 – Look at the big, ugly, fucking mutt hound!..the dog taking a shit in the background is quite large too.

  34. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Mofo is back on form :D.

  35. The funniest thing in #3 is the hippo-croco-pig in the flowery blouse.

  36. Dukey I was never off form matey, In fact I’m sharper than ever, having just spent a week incarcerated in a virtual prison whose walls were made of photographic representations of spunk hoses’ and ladies pork troughs… you guys might be in trouble.

  37. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    The first picture is clearly a family Christmas. Note the Christmas tree on the left in the background and the fact that the girl and the middle-aged woman are pulling a christmas cracker together. Personally, I think that having a little sleepy after a big Christmas dinner is not unusual, but your mileage may vary.

  38. Jesus mofo. “Would, would and would” …. you’d do anything wouldn’t you.

  39. Yay for the mofo, I would hug you but thought best not to, given your recent admissions (and emissions).

    Otherwise, a big steaming pile of meh.

  40. curly Yeah you’re right on reflection that cheap little cum guzzler in the market bought red vest can fuck right off, that shit tattoo makes it look like a pissed up spider wearing ink boots has crawled across her arm… the other two would still get a good hosing though.

  41. 29, that’s one hell of an observation.

  42. @CherryCola – whether or not she’s “adorable”, she is on the verge of being morbidly obese, which sets her up for a lifetime of health problems. childhood obesity is not cute. it’s an epidemic.

  43. For a while I thought the funny thing about #4 was that her t-shirt looks a little bit like “I cream, you scream”

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