Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not My Type

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  1. STEVER!

  2. LOL, you’ve been waiting all day for that, huh? People need to realize that spell check doesn’t correct STUPID. It’s not going to keep you from using the wrong word either.

  3. Hahahahaha 😀

  4. Maybe I should invest in a penis sharpener for my boyfriend. Sounds interesting.

  5. Penis sharpeners, get your penis sharpeners here! Give me a size, I give you a price. Pencil dick? No problem! $5 each. Cobra cock? Again, no problem! $50 each. It’s a steal!

  6. A sharp penis is a painful penis … could be phimosis.

  7. That “Penis Sharpener” and “Spell Cock” one were obviously done on purpose. Not getting enough attention in your life that you have to try to be outrageous on Facebook?

  8. Melissa and Jesse were magnificent.

  9. Congrats fake Steeeever! Well done little grasshopper.

  10. Melissa insulted Staind by ruining their words.

  11. Are you serious? Someone actually wants to imitate that douchebag Steeeever? That’s just sad… like when a dog humps a fat chick’s leg and she kind of enjoys it.

  12. Kinda like when meatloaf uses chop sticks to masturbate while eating pad thai

  13. I believed the first one for a second. I was like what in the heck is a penis sharpener? and why are they trying to sharpen their penis?

    It took a few seconds of staring to get it. (Before I read the rest of the post)

    It’s stupid people like Jesse who hate Obama but don’t actually know anything about him except for what they hear on the news. It’s people like Jesse who spread the lies and misconceptions and stupidity because they don’t know any better. People like Jesse also believe everything they hear on the news.

  14. @Melissa:

    -i, I, -i, I’, a, d, -i, I’, -i, I’ -g.

    You’re welcome.

  15. Stretch: She won’t understand. Therefore – Thank You.

  16. Its stupid people like Jesse who are fucking ignorant assholes that stupid…What? A penis sharpener? Ouch.

  17. ‘Berak’ is actually ‘to shit’ (verb) in Malay.

  18. I’m glad I don’t have a sharp pork sword, I can just imagine bursting all those ladies womb bags and them flying off across the room like massive deflating spunk balloon’s….. actually…

  19. I like Maleah. At least she does not blame her mistake on autospell.

  20. Are contractions not taught in America? Or when not to use a contraction? Maleah, it’s “whose” not “who’s.”

    I think I can speak for most woman when I say I’m glad mofo doesn’t have a sharp pork sword. Quite the imagery with the: “massive deflating spunk balloons…” though. (I took the liberty of pluralizing your balloons properly, I hope you don’t mind.) 😉

  21. It’s funny because Morrigan “took the liberty of” correcting everyone’s grammar, yet used “woman” instead of “women.”

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