Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chris, FTW!


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  1. Ouch. Harsh….

  2. This is great.

  3. Chris tells it like it is.

  4. I know it’s not related to the post, but could anyone tell me what FTW means please?

  5. @Raa: for future reference, google is a beautiful thing.

    FTW = for the win. As in:

    “What does FTW mean?”
    “I just googled it and apparently it means “for the win”. What a great resource google is.”
    “Damn straight! Google FTW”

  6. Raa, I believe it’s directly related to the post.
    FTW = For The Win

    There’s this cool new website called Google (http://www.google.com/search?q=ftw)
    You can type things in and get answers or find things on the interwebs. You should give it a try.

  7. stepped on Giancarlo

  8. Alright, thankyou very much. But no need for the sarcasm guys, not everyone can be as nerdy as you.

  9. Actually, I must admit I am a bit simple. Not so good on this tinterweb. Soooo… I’ll google what ‘for the win’ means too…

  10. That was me ^

  11. Giancarlo FTW.

  12. Why do nerds use Google?


  13. I prefer to think FTW is a hip new way of expression WTF – as in “Dude, you just pissed on my foot. Fuck the what, man?!!”

  14. LOL at FTW, thats great.

  15. harsh, but funny.

  16. *expressing

  17. Haha, I thought I was the only one who noticed FTW is WTF backwards. 🙂

  18. Hilarious!

  19. Raa is TopDollarBitch. Heheheh.

  20. WTF to Google, Bing FTW!

  21. No actually topdollarbitch was me on my friends name still logged in. I thought you guys were funny, ESPECIALLY ratcoon and I really enjoy reading your comments, but now you’ve all COMPLETELY taken the piss, I’m quitting lamebook. Goodbye forever (or until I come back under another alias).

  22. FTW, epic fail, great success, im in ur base killin ur doods, chuck norris, rickroll

    i am the epitome of comedy in 2006

  23. lmfao funny guy

  24. FTW is and always will be FUCK THE WORLD.

    honesty’s a bitch.


  27. freaking hilarious!

  28. WIN

  29. love it!

  30. I thought it was Fuck Thats Wonderful! could be a the go.

  31. Bing sucks.

  32. A winner is you, chris


  34. love it! NO FAT CHICKS

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