Monday, September 20, 2010

Week Starting Wins

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  1. I chuckled with Bruce’s one.

    (Ben, Frodo, Bruce, etc.)

  2. the greatest invention of the web is calling out everyone STDs. There just needs to be a national database and smartphone app to go along with it.

  3. Fail at Catherine. She should know that the correct response is “you spelled penis wrong”

  4. I like how he calls it a “Charlie Chaplin moustache.” Hitler bought the rights to that ‘stache years ago.

  5. I’d do her card-dress wearing friend though. Deal her a few hands if you know what I mean … hurr hurr hurr

  6. Hillarity insured.

  7. @asriel Charlie Chaplin was born 4 days before Hitler – so he earns the ‘tache ownership by birthright.

  8. smokecrack0fuckchickens

    My penis exploded in my wife’s mouth about 25 minutes ago.

  9. Funny, mine also. How did she get all the way across town so fast?

  10. You can’t say she isn’t warning the guys – I’d wear my hard hat into her construction zone. Also, the friend in the card dress, I’d go all in.

    Quite honestly, I think Joe may have the most ingenious answer to that question possible.

  11. those girls are definitely giving out some “do me NOW!” vibes.

  12. I’ve a casino-themed party to go to soon. I likey that card dress. She’s given me an idea. I’d have a few more cards in the deck than her (being still quite chilly at night and all), and I’d fill out the top half better – not as well as her mate, though… kudos on those tits, girl.

  13. @wordymyperv

    I reiterate my “all in” statement, this time upping the ante.

  14. You know she has an Ace in the hole.

  15. @defectiveuser

    Take a bow son, take a bow.

  16. i don’t get the Chaplin one. exprain preeze.

  17. for a history prof… well…

    Chaplin was a very fameous actor in the 1920’s- 30’s and did a slapskick parody of hitler.

    Juice= sounds similar to jews.

    This is so bad that my faith in humanity leads me to believe that it is fake.. I hope.

  18. @proudcut
    you make me smile… Unfortunately today’s lamebook did not.

  19. The only ones I don’t get is Keri and Ethan/ Kiera and Catherine. I know myspace is famous for emo fucks so my only guess is that it was a suicidal joke? I assume Kiera and Catherine’s was a penis joke?

    Can someone please explain? 🙁
    The others made me chuckle and SMH.

  20. Oh, and I too would like to do those girls, save for the fact they might have herpes…

    I’d give the card girl my sleight of hand.

  21. These comments suck

  22. @ Keona: Firstly Keri and Ethan, it wasn’t an emo joke of any sort. Ethan was trying to get at, not to respect the dead because myspace is basically dead. In other words no one ever uses myspace anymore.

    Kiera was saying that her pen actually did explode in her mouth probably from biting on it as a habit or from being bored. Her friend was trying to be witty by telling her to take PENicillin, which is a type of antibiotic that treats infections and diseases.

    Hope that helped you understand better =)

  23. That bird in the cards?….I’d poker. *cough*

    That bird in the cards?….I’d like to play a game of snap with her…snap the hyman!

    That bird in the cards?….I would take her to a CLUB to win her HEART, then bash her fucking head in with a SPADE, flip her over and ram her chocolate DIAMOND hard.

  24. Imamofo, I’m preeeetty sure her hymen was snapped a while ago.

  25. @jennlb89 Thank you, that did help a great deal. 🙂 I was up late and my thinking process slowed some. I guess I over thought it. I had thought of what you said as reasons, but I sort of just threw some guesses out there and hoped for the best.

    @Imamofo lmao. I think this thread has killed card jokes…now we just need to bury them.

  26. @ddtl: We can only provide with what is given. Other than that, broaden your sense of humor sire/madame.

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