Monday, September 20, 2010

An Excellent Entrepreneur

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  1. need kibbelz

  2. He can’t pay the parking meter with that! 😛

  3. WIN

  4. anonymouseinternetuser

    Is that poor dog wearing a hat? How humiliating.

  5. That is a bad dog. When it snows as high as a dog’s ass some dogs are smart enough to circle around and trample some snow down before taking a shit. But some dogs just shit in the high snow and get it in their ass-fur. Then they wonder why you are holding them upside down scraping their fur with a butter knife. Then you have to tell your wife you had a nutella sandwich. Damn stupid dogs.

  6. LMFAO Walter

  7. Sadly, this is not unheard of… one of the ‘apparent homeless’ in our area was recently interviewed after being seen driving a new Cadillac to his ‘corner’, and he admitted earning over $100k a year panhandling… all tax-free.

  8. do you have a link to that article? I would like to read it, please

  9. lol @ Walter
    For a moment i thought that dog was wearing a beret.It would’ve somehow made him a lot cooler if he was.
    …I fooking hate labradors :l

  10. 1. Get a dog and dress it up.
    2. Write on cardboard.
    3. Put cardboard in dogs mouth.

  11. I remember once reading a news story about a panhandler that at the end of the day got in a brand new BMW and drove off to his nice home in the suburbs.

  12. In Spain you can find the so-called “gorrillas”, guys who will “watch” over your car when you park it for just 1-2€. If you don’t pay, you’ll probably find a scratch in your car and they will know nothing about it. After they have finished their “shift”, you can see them leaving in a brand new car…

  13. No link, was TV interview… he is still out there too…

  14. Yeah I remember a TV interview about that as well, he did not make 100k each year but always made more money then the middle-class and it was all tax free… so it feels like 100k lol

  15. I actually saw this dog on Thursday, in the Haight-Ashbury area. The best comment was from a guy next to me at the intersection who said ‘I bet the dog didn’t write that himself’

  16. I sure hope you mean guerrillas. I don’t want a gorilla anywhere near me.

    Actually, I don’t want a guerilla anywhere near me either.

    And a guerillas gorilla would just be terrifying.

  17. @ 9

    ‘baise-toi, paie-moi’ has a certain ring to it. unless it was the kind of beret that required some lennon glasses, a pair of doggy bongos (congas would be too big for labrador paws to handle), a quart of hash and a bong…. i’d pay to see that.

    for the record, i don’t like labradors and retrievers either. when i conjure up an image in my head, they’re either asleep by a fire, eating a mars bar, or being put to sleep because they’re lame in all four legs and the head. now i have to add playing the bongos to that list. finally some positive press for the labrador.

  18. @TrojanMustang

    No, goRRilla. It’s short for “gorra”, which means hat.

  19. victorfrankenstein

    why are you using a word longer than the word it is short for? your logic hurts my head.

  20. Let’s have a Rapin Party! We’ll make invitations and say “Come to our party, we’ll be rapin all night long, the most talented rapers will be here!” We can invite that dog and say, “Here’s the part where I fuck you.” And then 12 minutes later we’ll say, “And here’s the part where you pay me.” And then we rob him.

  21. Short is probably not right word. It’s like, “Anita” is short/pet name/whatever of Ana.

    Gorrilla is quite despective though…but those guys deserve it.

  22. ‘Diminutive’ is the word, I think. But maybe not spelt like that. Jack originally was one from John. And Sally from Sarah. Yawn.

  23. we don’t have diminutives in english per se, so it’s hard to explain.

    ‘-chen’- in german (depending on region), ‘ito/ita’ in spanish (i think? don’t speak it) like coronita instead of corona(?) and ‘-ino/ina’ in italian. saying ‘a shortened version’ is confusing; basically when a noun is suffixed by these…. suffixes(!) it means a small version of whatever you’re talking about.

  24. I have othing to say on this post, but I’m watching the end of an episode of One Tree Hill, and I’d like to say fuck this show.

    That’ll be all.

  25. I’m a mechanic, I don’t make SHIT compared to some of the local “homeless” people around my area. One of them drives a pimped out Cadillac!A Fucking CADILLAC!

  26. alord, you’re a treasure trove.

  27. There’s a homeless man that stands at the highway on ramp by our house daily. Hubby swears he’s not actually homeless and says he’s seen him talking on a cell phone. I didn’t believe him, until I saw this.

  28. I know homeless men that make upwards of 80,000 dollars a year.

  29. june – i usually get ‘petal’, ‘flower’ or ‘treacle’; never ‘treasure trove’. thanks. 🙂

    i like starting up conversations on day or two old threads. they get overlooked. it’s very private. like huddling together in the shell of a building in a bombed out city. looks like you, me, defective and the american apparel girl are the last people left on earth….

    do we have any canned food?

  30. @BritishHobo lol I stopped watching One Tree Hill at the end of season 6.

  31. Seriously, no one’s ever watched Goodfellas?

    “Business bad? Fuck you, pay me. Oh, you had a fire? Fuck you, pay me. Place got hit by lightning, huh? Fuck you, pay me.”

  32. So a postmodernist hobo? Awesome.

  33. People are assuming that the man is a beggar. They are wrong.

    His name is Kevin and he is the dogs’ pimp (the dog is called Bonzo)

    Bonzo is fed up to fuck of getting reamed out with no sign of a bone at the end of the tunnel, hence the sign.

  34. NO WAY. I was in SF this weekend and saw this duo. The dog also had a lit cigarette which made it a thoussssand times better.

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