Monday, March 21, 2011


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  1. When I got my tongue pierced I was working at a bar and all the creepy old guys would snicker and say “get that for your boyfriend” I would reply “nope my girlfriend” just to see their glazed drunk eyes pop from their heads.

  2. Thanks for that vikesgal. And as we are all sharing, I will contribute with the fact that I sleep naked. I find that sleeping naked gives me a more relaxing slumber and, as an added bonus, it gives my testicles a chance to dry out after a day of sweaty damp.

  3. cumdumpster2011

    I sleep naked with 2 midgets and a monkey , sometimes I wake up and the midgets are having a 3 sum with the monkey.

  4. Are we sharing then? Here goes; I love grass. Neatly trimmed, green, lush grass. If Hank Hill were real I would be turned on by his lawn dedication.

    Was that in the right spirit of things?

  5. Ah freshly cut grass and a thoroughly cleaned dickhead, just lovely. (Tongue piercings make great cheese removers)

  6. I like cheese

  7. I once fucked an 8 year old tranny

  8. It’s a shame that story didn’t make the news, DukeGuy.

    Am I the only one that noticed Elizabeth’s dad’s name is Adrienne???

  9. Perhaps he commented from her mom’s account, Sherlock?

  10. Well, since we’re sharing…I’m aiming to be cumdumpster2012, in a literal sense :).

  11. @Disturbed Artist

    I might end up being a Wallace here but my post was a quote from another LB posting a while back.

    And it means, I broke a transmission (on a vehicle)

    It was a while ago and the search facility on LB sucks balls so I can’t find it.

  12. 1) So tie me up, throw me down and show me how much you like me.

    2) …

    3) Ah, Juli the prude strikes again!

  13. What’s up with Elizabeth’s dad’s use of parentheses?

  14. Keona, I totally expected #3 to say, “Profit!”

  15. As long as we are sharing, I would like to dismember all of you, gouge out the eye sockets, and “Bob Saget” them until…Actually that seems a little mean so I’ll just do it to your significant others

  16. That guy Hawkbit can be really creepy sometimes…

  17. herculestrockefeller

    @DukeGuy It was a 14-year old escort.

  18. haeckelsembryos

    ^Especially when he talks in third person.

  19. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Do older people really think tongue piercings are solely for giving head?

    And Adrienne, there are more ways than one to say you’d “tap that”, which includes “hit it”. Dumbass.

  20. @beatusmongous I’m sorry to have disappointed you.

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