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  1. HorseMode wins.

  2. this shit is serious guys don’t laugh

  3. I was feeling sorry for Dani right up until she said “Wow! I knew I wasn’t good enough for you.” (Translated for your convenience and my sanity)

    Any girl THAT pathetic would turn me off too.. Seriously, she just got dumped rather viciously, and she immediately blames herself? Does she “self-harm” too? I bet her profile photo is taken from above and to the side and she has white makeup on and a forlorn almost suicidal look in her emo eyes… if you could see them behind the hair, that is.

    Cut, cut, bleed, bleed… loser.

  4. so in other words that girl was a big fat ass with a great personality and this was the easy way of letting her down.. that sucks for her

  5. What bothers me is not so much that the next generation after me is filled with idiots who can’t spell. That was always the case since the invention of language.

    What’s troublesome is that in this generation, the *smart* kids who know how to write, still choose to write like idiots. That’s a new phenomenon.

  6. Lest we be indentified as *smart* and suffer all the associated negative repercussions.

    Yesterday I had to explain to one of my friends, who is currently scoring higher than I am on our economics degree, the meaning of the word ‘inflammatory’. That was a little depressing.

  7. What a jackass! Long distance relationships work! As long as 1) You aren’t a pig and have to have sex 24-7. And 2) You love the girl.

  8. kcbaby, shut the fuck up. Unless you’ve been in a long distance relationship, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s hard as hell to stay together, and self-righteous romanticizing fuckwits like you don’t make things any easier.

  9. I’m just going to mention that I have been in a long-distance relationship. They do work (going on four years). Yes, I agree that it’s hard, but it’s definitely not impossible.

  10. That’s true.. long distance relationships do work. So long as you don’t mind that one of you is cheating. (Or you’re 13 yrs old..) If you’re the one being faithful.. sorry to have the news broke to you via some stranger on the internet. >.<

  11. Just for you long-distance people:

    I HAVE been in a long distance relationship. I’m now married to that man, and as hard as it was, we stuck through it together, and loved each other all the more for it (and no, neither of us cheated on the other). I agree totally with sbs_kcbaby – if you’re not in it for the sex, and you truly do love each other, it’ll work. To anyone else with a high-and-mighty opinion of what a relationship should be like, and that long-distance can’t work, I feel sorry for you, cause you obviously have your priorities wrong, and not in it for the love – or having found the right person TO love yet. But don’t judge those who have made it work. 🙂

    Having said all that… to dump someone on txt then announce it to the world on facebook, man… it’s just wrong.. so so wrong…

  12. I am also married to a guy I was in a long distance relationship with for three years. Some of us can actually manage not to fuck other people in between visits.

  13. This entry is fuckin HILARIOUS. What a pair.

  14. The immaturity is just sickening.

  15. your face is just sickening

  16. This isn’t that bad, other than the lack of spelling. if he was a real man he would have done it on the phone or something. and i got my hopes up with the name Donavon.

    Landon Donavon is my hero.

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