Monday, January 4, 2010

Lesson Learned?


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  1. I’d just can’t help but wonder how someone can be stupid enough to be friends with these people, yet smart enough to submit it to lamebook?

  2. Maybe they keep them as friends, to laugh about stuff like this. I know I do it with a few people on my list.


  4. I really, really, really do wish that this is the same Darius as here

  5. @giulia-

  6. “we some dumbass humans”

  7. The only word I understood in that was “shit” and then he/she changed it…

  8. You know what makes my eyes hurt? Ebonics.

  9. Fuck… For every decent black person like Darius there’s a Keiyana around the corner ready to fuck it all up.

  10. Darius is in trouble.

    He’s just about clever enough to realise that he’s too stupid to be talking about stuff like this really. Luckily he has a half-wit, moronic, side kick to bring him down to earth with a bump.

  11. Can I get a translator please? NO ONE of any race would be able to understand that. I think it’s just a language spoken amongst themselves.

  12. Sadly I can translate. No, I don’t speak like this, but I can understand it.

    Keiyana- How are you coming up with this stuff, your deep. *Deep means spiritual or poetic.

    Darius- Ha ha Keiyana your slow. I don’t know. I just read the status of people on here (Facebook), a N*gga always trying to learn stuff. From reading these status’ I’ve learned not to say the same thing the same day… we are some dumb humans.

  13. correction: the next day*

    either way though, the comment doesn’t make any sense.

  14. aubrei24: “you’re” and “you’re” and “statuses.”

    Hth. πŸ˜‰

  15. I would like to call your attention to the statement made by Darius, and I quote “we some dumbass humans” . . .

    Your honor, I rest my case.

  16. Ms. Terri

    Just though you might want to add this to your vocabulary. I hate grammar jockeys.

    pompous (adjective) 1. self-important – having an excessive sense of self-importance, usually displayed through exaggerated seriousness or stateliness in speech or manner 2. revealing self-importance – displaying exaggerated seriousness or stateliness 3. ceremonially grand – full of splendor and magnificence

  17. Username_Login, surely you realise that that’s the most pompous thing anyone’s posted in a long time?

  18. Hey, at least Darius is more enlightened than 98% of people out there. Humans are stupid as hell.

  19. Darius just done pointed out at least two dumb humans.

  20. am confused??

  21. and these people actually managed to set up facebook accounts? I am impressed.

  22. Marc, Clearly you can see the irony in me posting it then right. I do get very tired of coming to sites like this to read all the comments, cause come on face it the comments are what really makes sites like this, and here you have someone that wants to spend there time correcting grammar. I say as long as it is not Ebonics then whatever, it is not like this is a resume. So I figure if these people feel it is their duty to go around correcting spelling/grammar it is my duty to tell them how pompous they are. Everyone needs to have a hobby πŸ˜‰

  23. tl;dnr

  24. @Username_Login

    *then, right?
    *their time

    Come on, it’s not that hard. πŸ™‚

  25. What’s with Darius’ only half-blurred face??

  26. @ alexxx – thanks you big prick face I really needed some one to correct me on a freaking lamebook post God forbid I ever run for president. Hey maybe you can be my V.P. LOL πŸ˜‰

  27. Antarctic Circle

    @ Username_Login


    Just kidding! Seriously!

  28. Keep trying username, eventually you will luck out with a grammatically correct post.

  29. @ Antartic Circle – Someone refers to an unspecified member of a group of people. Some one refers to an unspecified member of a group of items or people that is being selected for individual attention. So mine was technically correct since I was referring to alexxx and being a complete smarta$$, no offense to you either πŸ˜‰ Some times my smartassidness (feel free to correct that one too if you want) comes across wrong on screen.

    @ Noobie – Thanks. I think the odds are in my favor for that πŸ˜‰ although if I fail in that aspect of my life I will survive. I think from now on I am going to mess up on purpose just to bug everyone here. Yup, from this post forward I will only use the word THERE unless where it applies and then I will be using THEY’RE. Someday they will all get tired of it, or not.

  30. @#22: “it is not like this is a resume” – So if this isn’t a math class, either, does that mean you also forget how to count?

  31. I think sometime between his original post and his follow up to Keiyana that Darius had a stroke.

  32. Uhh… tru dat!

  33. @Username oooooo the grammer hammer comin DOWN!

    After reading ebonics, I may just need some dumbass blunt force trauma.

  34. GrammaticalErrors

    Username_Login…….let’s run away together, we can create our own society where perfect grammar is not required in order to leave a comment on the internet for anonymous strangers to read.

    My regular escape from mundane life involves visiting these sites and reading the comments, the comments really are what make these sites amusing, but it always brings me crashing back down to earth when people become the grammar police.

    I’m sure I’ve probably shit all over grammar in this comment but it’s ok I can live with it……and even though I will probably get ripped apart for this comment I will continue to come here to read the witty comments others leave, as some of you people really are quite hilarious!!!

  35. @ continental op your post has to be the best post on this commentboard!! thumbs up to you and your wits!

  36. Antarctic Circle

    @ GrammaticalErrors

    Ah, everybody’s just pulling the old leg. All in jest. So don’t worry, we’ll all run away together after all.

  37. @ Antarctic Circle – Yes… into the sunset… πŸ˜€

  38. GrammaticalErrors

    @ Antartic Circle

    I like the cut of your jib….its a deal….the sunset awaits HUZZAH!!

  39. I’d like to point out that Darius used the word “nigga”. Shouldn’t this be moderated? Thanks.

  40. Stfu kalinko. Stop being a PC d-bag and get over yourself.

  41. I’d like to point out that Kalinko used the word β€œnigga”. Shouldn’t this be moderated? Thanks.

  42. lol @ Gman292. @kalinko: why should “nigga” be moderated when every other swear word and racial slur under the sun isn’t moderated? If you are a troll, disregard etc.

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