Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rough Relationships





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  1. people who say first are lame

  2. people who call their child september are lame.

  3. wow. jeremy FTW. on every level.

  4. I would probably divorce Jeremy too if he kept joint custody the whole damn time

  5. lol kevin.

  6. Wendy’s BF… oh, right: ex-BF for the win.

  7. Michael (3rd) for the win!

  8. @kevin lol for the win

  9. Yep perfect reply from kevin

  10. Just as long as Lauren doesn’t get custody of the joints all will be well.

  11. The ‘My Top Followers’ one reminds me of some graffiti in a pub toilet:

    “My wife is so jealous, she follows me everywhere”
    “No I don’t”

  12. I feel for Wendy. You should never ever take a vacation with anyone unless you’re married or they’re family. I learned the hard way a few weeks ago.

  13. Kevin..funny

  14. Antarctic Circle

    Four days to go? Then I’ll patiently wait for Wendy to wax lyrical about the delirious joys of makeup sex in her next update.

  15. LMAO @ the joint custady one!

  16. All these posts are made of win lmao

  17. fair play to kevin and michael and who the fuck calls there kid september damn hippie parents

  18. Kevin FTW!!!

    Looks like Wendy may have changed her mind about her ex. I guess 9 days of kinky sex on a tropical island with an ex is bound to do that to a person.

  19. Two friends named Courtney and Two friens named one of two different spellings of Kylie/Kiley…that’s kind of mental, I’d have that checked into.

  20. Kevin & I are soul mates.
    I’m always happy when it’s not my kids… no matter what is going on.

  21. wtf, is her name seriously september?

  22. I’ve got joint custody… I love that, so using IRL 😉
    September… Ahh the joys of stupid names, her poor kids have no chance at her house. Kevin’s got the right idea


  24. Ha ha Kylie is obviously an obsessive bitch, I hate exes like this they should be nuked

  25. September would fit right in round at my house.

    My two daughters August and October would make a right old fuss over her.

    My son December might well try fuck her though, so i’d best wait before handing out the invite.

  26. If Kevin is just some random dude… that’s hilarious.

  27. I love Kevin. I’ve blocked every status update from Facebook people who are parents. “Awwww, poor me, I can’t do everything I wanna do because I have a kid…..Whoah is me, I have to deal with sick kids (Because I put them in daycare around plenty of other sick kids)…Whaaaaaa, I want me time!!”

    Don’t want to deal with sick kids? Don’t have kids. Problem solved.

  28. I’m a mum of a four year-old and I go to great efforts to 1. not whine about it (though I’d feel like an a-hole doing so, I don’t see my daughter as a burden and she’s awesome) and 2. not talk about anything to do with being a mum but unless asked for advice.

    I think at the end of the day whiners are whiners regardless of what’s happening in their lives.

    Give new parents a year to get it out of their systems. After that point if it’s still all they talk about you’ll probably have to give up on them ever being interesting again.

  29. Bhahahaha @ TylerDurdenUMD! Im with ya there! AND I have kids! And SO TRUE Dee-Lite I have a friend on FB whos status is ALWAYS whiny about something!!!

  30. Poor Wendy. It’s so fucking hard to be on a tropical island.

  31. Is that woman’s name seriously September?

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