Friday, April 22, 2011

Let Me Get That for You

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  1. 1angrychick2cups

    @ #3 that’s not a flan

  2. #4 I’m calling Dutch on Romein!

  3. I am not a Nickelback fan but I don’t get the hatred towards them. They are not great but not THAT bad either.Seems like it’s “cool” to hate on them…

  4. @oatmealandi They are that bad.

  5. nickelback sucks because they have 3 songs that they just repeat the riffs and sell as “different songs.” the most obvious one is “how you remind me” and “someday somehow.” listen to those and tell me how those are different songs.

  6. only a true nickleback fan would know that odoyle10

  7. #3
    Uh…that’s not flan. Sounds like fruit shortcake to me. Flan is a custard.

  8. Dawn of the Dan

    Everclear is much worse when it comes to making the same song over and over, and they don’t get near as much hate.
    Not that I’m defending Nickelback. They’re pretty crap.

  9. @duke im not a nickelback fan, but i do listen to the radio. kind of hard to miss.

  10. fuck this shit

  11. rule #4, if you think your taste in music is above all others and you can therefore tell them what music they can and can’t enjoy, you are a knob.

  12. It’s worse if you live in Canada. Canadian radio laws require that 30% of all content is Canadian music. Now, we have a decent amount of really good Canadian music, but for some reason rock radio stations play a crapload of Nickelback (at least in Montreal, anyway). At least once every two hours. Which doesn’t sound like much…but with Nickelback, it’s waaaaayy too much.

    I’m not normally a music snob, but Nickelback just really irritate me. The voice is grating, the songs are all pretty much the same, and some of them are downright dirty. And listening to a man who looks like Jesus singing about having dirty sex in his car is just..disturbing.

  13. Who the hell in Nickelback looks like any artists rendering of Jesus?

  14. Him:

    A word of warning: You might have to poke your eyes out afterwards to ease the pain.

  15. I just think you guys are overreacting, if you don’t lkike the band it’s fine but there are many other bands with albums that could count as one long horrible song.. Guess some people feel the need to bully one certain band.
    And ti the Canadian guy/girl – dude Justin Bieber is Canadian and you choose to complain about Nickelback? What is wrong with you?

  16. @ oatmealandi… I know you don’t agree with our hatred of Nickelback, but there was no reason to throw out an ethnic slur.

  17. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Nickleback, sounds like the second in command in a gorilla troop.

  18. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    No-one in Nickleback resembles an artist rendering of Jesus, the lead singer however, looks a bit like a terminally ill poodle.

    As for their music, I would love to see them perform with Justin Bieber, Celine Dion and Brian Adams. Live on stage in the Koerner Hall, in a huge industrial size blender. That’s what I call classic!

  19. Oh, he just slammed Wal-mart

  20. Nobody can figure out why they are so popular yet almost everybody on this page is talking about Nickleback.

  21. Every single one of them was shit.

  22. @21: Lucky for us, you were there to point it out.

  23. I dont know about looking like Jesus, considering he was born and raised in the middle east 2000 years ago with average height ever increasing and complexion of middle easterners, he probably looks more like danny de vito. (( stolen concept from some one)) meh!

  24. #4 – Holley – That is something I WOULD DO! No doubt! xD. Burn!!!!

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