Sunday, January 3, 2010



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  1. FIRST

  2. Oh yeah, and second too

  3. ^ TOOL

  4. Having lived/worked in the shittiest part of my town, I had to laugh at Felix’s status update.

  5. *LOL* So politically incorrect, so funny.

  6. jealous backbeat?

  7. felix is so incredibly flippant about such a terrible affliction!
    some people, myself included, have been living with this condition for years, but we choose to maintain a quiet dignity and suffer in silence….

  8. @alordslums – I too am a sufferer, however I do not complain about my illness; on the contrary, I enjoy eating much and doing little.
    Though I do admit, the light-fingered side effects can be a little hard to deal with.

  9. yes, andy. i am jealous that you got to comment first AND second on the lamest post to ever be posted on lamebook. i don’t know what i will do with myself. my panties are all bunched and i don’t know how to continue living. you nailed it.

  10. Second last

  11. Last. WOOOOO

  12. Incorrect.

  13. Just to take his joy way, “awful,” you’re no longer last.

    And I don’t suffer from this major illness…I relish in it instead. =)

  14. I am jealous about this relish…

  15. Bugger

  16. GrammaticalErrors

    had to do this, just so awful wasn’t last again…..does that make me a bad person?

  17. I think you guys are taking the ‘last’ call a little too seriously…

  18. Yes. Yes it does.
    I love nigeritus, it just gives people something to blame when they do bad shit.

  19. good backbeat – I’m glad to hear it

  20. I thought this disease was called ‘Being-a-fat-cunt’, and I suspect our good friend andyg suffers from it – always first when the fried food is about and when there is a new lamebook post (he wishes he could say something interesting but his mind is preoccupied on where to buy 50″ waist pants).

  21. What does this mean? I’ve never heard of it =/

  22. If Felix is really suggesting that he has contracted an illness whose main symptoms include lethargy and an uncomfortable bloated sensation, which he has then gone on to self diagnose as Niggeritus, I would like to suggest that the common ailments listed below be considered.

    Frenchitis – An uncontrollable urge to surrender, mixed with an urge to devour any outlandish living creature the sufferer comes across.

    Scotchrisa – Uncontrollable temper tantrums and an extreme sense of self loathing. Some Alcoholism may present.

    Americanismitia – Narcissistic tendencies combined with paranoid delusions. Sufferers may put on a ‘few pounds’

    UnitedKingdomeria – Victims of this disease suffer from a bloated sense of self worth, they may have bad teeth.

  23. I think the correct term is “African trypanosomiasis.”

  24. Am I the only one left fighting the good fight for political correctness? Doesn’t anyone care about the n-word?

  25. nope.. nobody cares about the n-word kalinko haha

  26. I didn’t find it funny at all… not because of the racial slur, it just isn’t witty.

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