Thursday, September 16, 2010

Truth or Dairy

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  1. Kinda interested to know where the chocolate milk spilled from.

  2. Was he drinking it, or using it? I want more of the story!

  3. Chocolate milk is obviously a euphemism. Like Barry White wanting to give you his chocolate milk.

  4. I actually snickered at this post! Still not an lol though.

  5. I would dump a guy for spilling chocolate milk in my car too.

  6. Mark should have left the cap on the bottle; it’s always a good idea to use protection.

  7. Mark and Tara really tell that story in different ways.

  8. Man I love sexual innuendo’s…. ‘Chocolate milk’ hehe.

  9. heehee.

  10. So much misery could have been avoided had he made sure the top was on the chocolate milk. Tsk, tsk.

  11. He was f*cking the fat b*tch in his girlfriend’s car? Odd choice of location. Unless his girlfriend IS the fat b*tch.

  12. I don’t think it’s meant to be anything other than it is. I bet it was hers and he was holding it for her while she gave him head. It’s thirsty work and chocolate milk is a water equivalent for big gals.

    Spilled milk in the car is nasty. Like urine, if you don’t get onto that bitch fast the subsequent smell is all sorts of wrong. If that was my car, the dude would be history, too.

  13. Her (chocolate) milkshake brings all the boys to the car.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I don’t see any discrepancy in their stories.

  15. If Barry White gives Chocolate Milk, who gives the Vanilla Shake?

    I have smelled that stench word! My son spilled a Yoo-Hoo in the car a while back. I had to shampoo the carpet and all! Nasty!

  16. mark, do you have no shame?

    i mean, come on.. – having sex with a fat girl??? 🙁

  17. Yes, ee, it’s foul. The lesson to be learned here is the car is no place for chocolate milk… or golden showers.

  18. Tara is being a bit out of line. I’m sure the chick he was banging is a very nice, slightly overweight lady. No need to call her a fat bitch.

  19. c’est tout?

    pourquoi Mark is fuck a fat girl in girlfriend car new?

  20. I believe the chocolate milk was used to entice the “FAT BITCH!” into Tara’s car

  21. @DSB, no real discrepancy, but each made very different authorial decisions.

  22. Tara had it coming anyway. Once you go chocolate you never go back.

  23. @judd

    Like candy, kids, and panel vans?

  24. @eenerbl; that’d be “Ice ice baby”

  25. alordslums, I am going to shit on your head. Seriously.

  26. Funny, and the comments were all funny too.

  27. Jacysadventures, is English not your first language?

  28. lol, the worst part is he DID get dumped because of the chocolate milk…

    …The fat chick was more distraught about that than Tara was about catching him with his pants down.

  29. Woah Woah Woah.

    I though I was the only guy who knew the Nestle Quick Shake Fuck Technique!?

    Michael better watch his bastard back, I’m coming for him…and not in a spilling my milk whilst fucking way either.

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