Tuesday, November 10, 2009



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  1. first

  2. second

  3. third

  4. wankers

  5. lame

  6. wankers [2]

  7. These comments are failing more than the post did.

  8. These comments are failing more than the post did. And not in a funny way, but a boring way.

  9. haha, what a little creep. but that’s what they get for posting about that shit

  10. Why is she friends with a 14 year old on Facebook, if he’s not in her immediate family anyway?

  11. Also, I hate these cutesy status updates and commenting. This is what texting is for. So glad my bf doesn’t use Facebook.

  12. Oh Alex… your words of woo have such sway over women. Just wait until you get a learner’s permit.

  13. I am guessing they live in the same house, so why are they messaging each other on fb? Seriously lame.

  14. P.S. I’m a different Alison, thought I’d better point that out hehe!

  15. What Alison said.

  16. Alex is hitting on that milf by hinting at his frequent masturbation habits.

  17. In 3 year’s time Alex will be told by his girlfriend that she’s pregnant. You read it here first.

  18. More than anything, the excessive exclamation points and “lols” and “lmaos” bother me. What the hell is so funny? Are you really cackling in front of your computer like a hen?

  19. @9: I completely agree! If you post details of your sex life in a public forum, don’t be surprised when a horny teenage boy comments on it!

  20. This whole First Second Third shit is really gay, if you’re gonna post a comment, post an actual bloody comment.

    I agree with Kate, SO glad my BF does not use Facebook lol

  21. Ugh. Nothing more tedious than loved up status updates. Personally I think she was asking for it!
    The interlude from the 14 year old was mildly disturbing but hilarious. As was her reaction – she seemed to take it in good humour.
    I’d say she’s probably a relative/friend of the family. At least he wasn’t coming on to her!

  22. 22nd!

  23. At least Alex doesn’t have to search the net for porn. He can just hop on FB, read Alison’s status updates, and let his imagination run wild while he flogs the dolphin. Fabulous

  24. Everyone assumes Alex is a guy…huh.

  25. @Six
    LOL fair point. I tend to make an initial assumption that ‘Alex’ is a guys name because I have a brother named Alex.
    While the comments could be made by either sex, I can’t really imagine a 14 year old girl making that kind of comment. Stereotypical as that may be, stereotypes exist for a reason.

  26. What bugs me about all of this is how both Alison and her husband Tim punctuate like dick heads. Seriously, texting has ruined what limited, functioning understanding of grammar that our entire culture has until now retained. I’m not a grammar nazi or anything, but come on, it’s just plain ignorant and irritating to use that many exclamation points.

    That being said, I would say that Alison (based on her typing like a 14-year-old) had it coming.

  27. unrelated but what are with the ads on this page? “big ass hotdog” that looks like a penis? really?

  28. I find Alex’s interjections far less repugnant than Tim and Alison’s full public view foreplay.

  29. @danielle
    I know! I have the screen narrowed so I don’t have to look at them.

    @Spike N
    Me too! Alex’s was actually pretty amusing (if you forget that it’s a 14 year old)

  30. I hope she will meet an army wife at some point in her life. Maybe that will make her feel better.

  31. what do you mean? 🙂

  32. Six – That’s funny you were the first person to mention that, when I first read it I imagined Alex as a girl. Maybe it was the use of the word “fingers” and the giggling and winking faces….

  33. I have (or had, not sure) a friend who makes all kinds of seriously nauseating updates about her fiancé (who she’s known for all of 4 months). He immediately “likes” everything she posts and then makes all these vaguely suggestive comments, which she then responds to. The two have 5 kids (with their ex-spouses) between them, BTW.

    It is ga-ross.

  34. I hate when people feel the need to tell facebook that they love their significant others every hour. Barf.

  35. Still wrong.

  36. alex is a girl…. get it… she knows how to make the best of her time while she’s home alone.. with her fingers. glad most people here got that

  37. To the imposter(s)

    Hey imposter. Writing all kinds of juvenile crap under other persons’ monikers may give you some bizarre satisfaction right now. But unless you make some major adjustment to your perspective on life at some stage, you’ll never amount to anything. And I mean, never. You can start that adjustment right now by growing up, and look for some other, more useful things to do.

  38. i read that as tim was going to be checking up on his missus to make sure she wasnt rooting around on him – you know i could turn up at anytime!

  39. Can we kill all women who refer to their husbands as “hubby”?

  40. this post looks fake as amy winehouse’s boobs.

  41. @ dd

    Oh, so that is what those are…thought she kept a couple of raquet balls handy just in case a sudden urge to play came along.

    Silly me….

  42. *Blah*

  43. (b)Blah(/b)
    Yes totally using an old post.

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