Friday, June 5, 2009

Viragtastic Voyage


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  1. i said ‘whateva’ lolz!

  2. Blumpkins4McCain

    image consultant? lulz…

  3. An image consultant? REALLY?

  4. I searched for him on facebook – turns out, we’ve got a friend in common :O

  5. Genocide Jones

    Yeah, that would be the problem with being named Viraj in America; it’s not quite John.

  6. this mofo said “consult my image consultant”. lmfaoooooooo someone tar and feather him PLEASE!

  7. Probably means you have herps

  8. , Viraj.

  9. thats wierd genocide jones, i have a friend in common with him too

  10. When a woman says that she wants to fuck and not marry a guy it means he’s hot but a huge douchebag. The kinda guy where you need duct tape over the mouth during sex… the kinda guy you keep on speed dial for booty calls but never go out to dinner with.

  11. that means you got no ambitions.

  12. I want to be in your fan club, MooPie.

  13. TAB, my friend. TAB.

  14. does anyone realize that this fuckhole viraj is clearly a cheesedick who read that shit in a book or heard it on tv? Image Consultant??? An Image Consultant would tell him he’d look good with a rope around his neck and a chair lying down on the ground underneath him…what a doorknob…God if it’s the same one, we have three friends in common

  15. Ewwww, I looked him up on facebook, and ewwwwwwwww. I wouldn’t “fuck” you if you were the last guy on the planet.

  16. ah! finally a countryman making a fucking awesome entry on lamebook. I was kinda getting irritated and feeling left out. somebody plz help me track down this dude on facebook. not able to find him on FB!!

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