Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boys & Girls

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  1. BEN.

    Bahahaha. Alicia.

  2. Not too Lame

  3. Nothing says love like plotting to murder your girlfriend.

  4. Murder is so hilarious.

  5. Alicia, Alicia, what are we going to do with you?

  6. Alicia is so fucked, maybe that was her laptop in the first one and Neil is crazy in love.

  7. Dear first girl, it’s all fun and games until someone has to hide the body. Don’t be surprised if you wake up one night and he’s watching you sleep.

    And Charles… you said erect huhhuhuhuh.

  8. Lame boner joke. Especially when they are copied/pasted from funny FB statuses websites.

  9. I enjoyed these very much. Might try the first one out.

  10. I just love the short two minute gap between ‘I LOVE Neil! He would NEVER EVER cheat one me!’ and ‘Although…’

  11. The first one is lame because she took a picture of her laptop instead of just print screening it.

  12. Im curious as to why he wants to kill his gf over the 19th amendment. Doesnt he like women having the right to vote ??

  13. Way to share your marital problems with the whole world Shawn. Alwyas a good plan, especially when your wife is on facebook too and you are the reason for the “marital problems”. BTW, if you wife leaves you, you could always look up Alecia. She’ll do anybody it sounds like…

  14. Shawn i am going to pray to Elton John for your wife to suck my big toe, whislt dressed as Phoebe from Friends.

    Alicia, a stable and successful relatonship must have a solid foundation of trust to ensure that it works out…well that and a fully stocked cupboard of rohypnol and some three strand twisted natural fibre rope.

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