Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little Issues

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  1. I have never met anyone named Calvin.

  2. I have never met anyone named ahat

  3. I have never met anyone named…pancake?

    Or Stever, for that matter

  4. That angry birds one is awesome

  5. I’ve got a better one, though it’s from FML.com

    Today, I saw a video of me last night, hammered, climbing my wardrobe screaming “I WANT TO GO TO NARNIA” naked. FML

  6. It’s funny because the OP was from Britain…and Narnia is British…hahaha….yeah ok >.> maybe not better, but as good as that one.

  7. What is GP from Jennifer?

  8. .. like fuck I’d help them push.

  9. GP is Gauteng Province in South Africa.

  10. GP could be Grand Prairie, Texas. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened there, either.

  11. GP could also be Greenspoint, a pretty crappy neighborhood in Houston.

  12. My bet is on Gauteng Province, South Africa 🙂

  13. Gauteng Province is also known locally as Gangsters Paradise, which also has the highest car jacking rate in the world. so my bet its Gauteng Province 😀

  14. Home tests for Chlamydia, huh? Well, there you go.

  15. Yip, definitely Gauteng!

  16. Daniel: read the package insert?

  17. Oddly enough, I know someone named Calvin, and I know someone else whose last name is Pancake.

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