Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Left Over and Out

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  1. Jon’s a dick, anyways. Go Joseph.

  2. Omgawd Jon is stuuuuupid.

  3. Jon’s a dick but if Ashley was “leftovers”, why is Joseph so upset about them being together? Do you get mad when a hobo eats your leftovers from the garbage ..

  4. vaginalroundhouse

    Guy code, never date your friend’s ex. I can see maybe at least year a or two later but 10 days is being a dick. Besides, when you kiss her you know what those lips have been on.

  5. I banged a guy i worked with ex.. she was smoking hot and he was bagging her out something chronic after they broke up. He found out and cracked the sads, but I say fair game. If you want to talk shit about them then why would you care if someone else be hittin dat ass….

  6. Joseph and Ashley break up but he thinks he still controls her? No wonder they split.

  7. Joseph needs to stop being a pussy and move on.

  8. Naw. Ten days? Friends don’t do that shit.

  9. It’s not even about control, it’s about having a shitty friend and confronting him..

  10. So I note that As My Junk has ‘done a Winehouse’ then… glad someone put it out of its’ fetid misery

  11. I would definitely do that over FB

  12. Bro code forbids you from dating your friends ex. I say ex as in you had a relationship with her. If she was some skank from the bar and a one night stand., well that’s a different story. It’s a dick move because now you know your friend would have banged your chick out the first chance be got…. Lucky for Joseph it was after he broke up with her.

  13. I don’t know, Citizen. I reckon that Jon was chowing down on Joseph’s Chicken Chow Mein long before it was 10 day old leftovers.

  14. Jon sounds like a total backstabbing douche.

  15. vaginalroundhouse

    The way you write your incoherent stories, it sounds like you are banging a tranny. First it was a he then it was a she, then he, then……..whatever I give up

  16. you can talk about guy code all you want, but every time I’ve broken up with a guy his friends are right there to console/hit on me. guy code only exists if your friends think your ex is a troll. sorry

  17. Jon is totally in the right here. Joseph broke up with the girl, so it really is none of his business whom dates her.

  18. youcallhimdoctajones

    “Whom”? The word your looking for is “who.” “Whom” can only be used when referring to the object of a verb or preposition, not the subject. Sorry, giant pet peeve.

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