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  1. Not sure why this is lame. Nice play on word. Not getting the gay idea but…This is lamebook’s lame for New Year perhaps?

  2. Maybe it’s just not Facebook material?

  3. @moffin ahaha possibly

  4. They fuzzed out the address in one place and the name in another but not both. That’s funny.

  5. I also don’t get why this is lame. Maybe because you’re really weeding out a lot of people out there (only a small percentage are gay, i’m guessing even more small are jewish homosexuals)

  6. Do homosexual Jews celebrate Christmas?

  7. Homophobic or anti-Semitic…either way, its the submitter here who is LAME!

  8. Under the logo at the top of the page it says “The funniest and lamest of Facebook”
    Maybe it’s been postest as being some of the funniest stuff from Facebook?

  9. posted*

  10. Nothing lame about this unless you are a sad little homophobe and/or anti-semitic. There must be plenty of audience for the event or else they wouldn’t be having it.

  11. Why did you blur out Hudson Terrace Rooftop Garden Lounge in the top (and leave the address, which Google provided the name for anyway) and not blur it out at the bottom?

  12. I wonder if some of the made it on the Nice Jewish Calendar …?

  13. *Nice Jewish Guys Calendar of course

  14. I like turtles.

  15. um, what’s a “bagel chaser”?

  16. @HollyGolightly

    A bagel chaser is similar to a “fag hag”. They are women that hang out almost primarily with gay men. You sometimes see them in the dressing rooms or drag queen clubs and just mixed in throughout gay bars/clubs. I used to date someone that considered themselves a fag hag.

    I guess a bagel chaser just likes the jewish varieties of gay men… at least I’m assuming this is right.

  17. btw, just for your enlightenment, some other synonyms for kosher queen/bagel chaser are: fag hag, fruit fly, homo honey, fruit loop, Goldilocks, flame dame, and fairy godmother.

    I’ve heard fag hag and fruit fly a lot more than any other terms, but maybe it’s just the group of friends that I hang out with ;).

  18. thanks @mcowles for the lingo lesson. I am what is known as a fruit fly but I hadn’t heard the jewish slang for that term. Kinda cute.

    I don’t really get what the problem is with this one. If I lived in the area it looks like a soiree I would happily attend.

  19. Why the hell is this lame?

    That sounds like a kick-ass party!

  20. I’m neither gay or Jewish, but I would loove to come to this party! Like CK said, it sounds like a kick-ass party!

  21. Host name win!

    “Now here’s our host… heBRO!!!”

  22. Do you think these guys are allowed to give each other a good porking, or is this not kosher?

  23. I’m still confused as to why they are having a Christmas eve party.

  24. # Danish
    Vi burde have den slags ogsΓ₯ πŸ™‚

    # Bubbles
    Are “they” not supposed to celebrate your holiday? The evil Gay Jews? Or could it be that Christmas Eve is a great night to party since the next day is a holiday?

  25. No it’s nothing like that XD

  26. @CK

    Helt sikkert, jeg ville sidde i kΓΈ i flere timer for en billet! πŸ™‚

  27. @mcowles
    You are entirely wrong. A bagel chaser is a non-Jewish guy that likes Jewish guys. Phrases like it include “rice queen” (white guys that like Asian guys) and “bean queen” (white guys that like Latinos). There is also “sticky rice” for Asians that only like other Asians.

    They are having a party because they don’t celebrate your special holiday, but generally have those days off (since everything is closed) and can have a good time. Just like anyone has a party.

  28. @emjsea

    I have failed in my knowledge of the homosexual culture. I feel ashamed. I still like the terms fruit fly and fag hag though :). And if there’s not a term for a girl that mostly associates with gay jewish males, then there should be!

    Sticky rice, hehe…

  29. Not lame/10

  30. not lame.

  31. Lamebook isn’t only for “lame” facebook things. It is also for funny and retart facebook stuff. This is funny…queer funny. And that is funny.

  32. @emjsea Thanks for the explanation!

    @mcowles Even though you were wrong about “bagel chaser,” thanks for bringing the term “fruit fly” into my life. πŸ™‚ I had heard “fag hag,” but “fruit fly” is so much cuter.

  33. NOT lame. Sounds like a great party.

    Facepalm for lamebook.

  34. Also you can use “matzo queen” instead of “bagel chaser” πŸ™‚

    Wish I could have gone to that party on Christmas Eve!

  35. That’s hilarious,

    Lamebook – Facebook Fails, WINS, Lols, And More

    It’s… a win, people

  36. QUEERJEW!!

  37. stephenfryscravat

    Love it

  38. It’s a win. I hope it was a great party.

  39. ew

  40. @CK, christians dont celebrate ramadan or the holocoast

  41. i mean haunica. SP

  42. I mean hanika

  43. I read “Jew Bile” the first time.

  44. You mean hanukkah.

  45. @40

    “pusiu”… what the HELL are you talking about? Is the 25th of December not a holiday in America?

    Try this:


  46. @ pusiu – Okay – maybe you should take your vast anatomical knowledge and learn how to google! You graced us so kindly with your presence yesterday, and yet today – you disappoint. You ought to be ashamed of yourself!!

  47. I live one block east of Hudson Terrace. Never fear; it definitely qualifies as “lame.”

  48. To people wondering at the Jews + Christmas thing:

    Jews LOVE Christmas (especially the gay ones). You decorate and throw parties and have fun. Hanukkah is usually none of that. It’s not even a high holiday. It just happens around Christmas, so there is an assumption made by gentiles that it takes on the same importance.

    Sort of why frat boys and alcoholics like Cinco De Mayo. Do any of those guys know what the Battle of Pueblo was? They probably think it’s “Mexican Independence Day” or something.

  49. @31. SeeBea

    It’s filed under “Personal Problems”

  50. Christ on a cracker

    Bagel Chasers and Kosher Queens?! Dude, if I had seen this earlier I would have so been there!

    Everyone knows that only the homo-jews know how to part-ayyy!

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