Tuesday, August 21, 2012


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  1. Well I’m not surprised Lorenzo, Eoin and Illusive are upset by this. Crazy Wiccans.

  2. Poor Steve. He shouldn’t have splashed his “potion” on that woman unless he had an inkling that she liked him too.

  3. ^some men can’t help ‘splashing’ prematurely.

  4. Who the hell buys semen on eBay?

  5. what the fuck is up with russia today (rt)? has anyone read that ‘news’site?
    sweet fuck, I swear it is pure, shameless propaganda of the likes that would make the pentagon come in their pants.

  6. Well too bad. I was going to buy a curse for all you lamebookers. It comes in the form of a love potion.

  7. fail/fake/fagg

  8. There is no magic. Only technology.

  9. There is no T2000. Only TI000

  10. I once went out with a prostitute who was a Wiccan Witch.

    I had to leave her she was always doing tricks.

    Fuck off the lot of you.

  11. Sounds like danny found something to cash in on. Knowing ebay, these kits are going to come from china and be available in ten packs like every other cheap knick-nack on there.

  12. ^ Yeah, but they’ll contain lead, arsenic and be made with slaving young child workers.

  13. Wouldn’t lead and arsenic be a useful addition to hemlock?

  14. Yeah, but the workers, beatus, the CHILDREN!!

  15. Eh, fuck it man. The only people worried about that kind of shit is the new age z-gen’s. Those children should be happy they have jobs!

  16. ^haha. that’s really funny – because you don’t have a job.

  17. It wasn’t meant to be funny, but, giggle if you must, Ms. The economy is shit here, and the job market’s gone to hell. There isn’t any decent work around here within at least a 50 mile radius. So until I can save up the money to take some classes and pick up a new trade, you guys are fuckin’ stuck with me! 😀

  18. Capn, why don’t you go write for Cleverbot? I hear they pay 10p an hour, which should give you something like $8,429.93 per month. Or what that shittyrich dot com?

  19. the answer was under his very nose all along!

  20. In all seriousness, Capn, how do you manage to survive (eat, pay rent and feed your liquor / substance appetites) on no income? Are you thinking of turning to drug dealing, crime and looting?

  21. ^why did you leave prostitution off the list? did you see his picture, too?

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