Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your Kidding


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  1. Vince from purchasing

    I’m beginning to think that this site sucks.

  2. @sforrestw. Send that. Next please.

    You meant high school, right? Let’s play some more. This is so much fun. Whatothermistakescanyoufindwithinmycomments?

  3. Is it ur or your? I get so confused sometimes.

  4. @sforrestw Look at me.

    Those who live in glass houses…yada yada yada. Blah blah blah…

    On and on… On and on, on and on, on and on.

  5. Newcomers are good. But not when they bring their we-must-all-be-politically-correct, or poking-fun-at-anybody-while-making-a-spelling-mistake-means-you-live-in-a-glass-house attitudes.

    Tamedshrew, I’m in your corner. The beer’s on me.

  6. What a shitty tattoo. I mean, seriously. I have no tattoos, but the artist in me is crying.

    What’s up with the y’s being totally different? Is it not a fucking font? And look at those goddamn stars. Christ.

  7. Is living in a glass house comfortable ? I would feel watched not to mention the heat that comes in the house, would be like living in a greenhouse.

    Or wait, i must be missing the point here

    Antartic, the 25 yr old rum is on me then.

  8. @Chinchillazilla – Agreed! I have tattoos, and I have to admit, that one looks disgusting. The funny thing is, the draw the thing on tracing paper before it’s put on you – so you okay it before they put it on you!


  9. *they draw

  10. Good call on the rum there, Father Sha – as our messenger said, we gotta be tough!

  11. haha i must be tired today because it took me about 30 seconds before i got your joke

  12. Antarctic, thanks. You bring the Stella, I’ll bring the Jameson.

  13. Antarctic Circle: Im in total agreement with you there. And with all the other who are taking these little shits down a peg or three. Who cares anyhow? Relax. Laugh or dont laugh at what the person said and move on. If you dont like something why analyse it for spelling and grammer mistakes. Whos the loser here?

  14. The grammer nazis make me laugh and this wouldn’t half as much fun without them.

  15. Yeah I guess. I must be a cranky this morning. Im gonna go srounge some chocolate out of my sons stocking and hopefully that’ll make it all better. 🙂

  16. ^ you said “srounge”…that’s funny. 😉

  17. LOL! I need a sugar fix worse then I thought.

  18. doesn’t say a lot for the tattooist’s intelligence either. p’raps he was too shy to say anything..

  19. Maybe they just give them what they want regardless of any spelling mistakes as a cruel joke. Thats why Im not a tattoo artist. I would do shit like this without a second thought. 🙂

  20. Ye Olde Solitaire King

    in the russian jail system, the only people who would wear that kind of tattoo on that kind of spot are the ones that have been raped. many times. major fail.

  21. ^Been in a lot of Russian jails have we?

  22. I’ve been to alot of russian jails. Wrectums mostly.

  23. ^”Wrectums” like Ye Olde Solitaire King, perhaps?

  24. Well, if this isn’t proof that tattoos are completely out of control these days, I don’t know what is. Remember when it was just thugs and bikers that got em? Now every douchebag and bimbo with way too high self esteem has them. It looks stupid now, and it’s gonna look REALLY stupid years from now when you’re an old prune. Grow up, morons. Stop with the tats.

  25. mistaphill deserves a standing ovation

  26. for what?

  27. beautifuldisasterxo

    why the hell would someone get a tattoo saying that… don’t they realize they are not easily removed hahahaha some peoples children..

  28. EVeryone who commented this feel free to look at my actual face book, I am 5’9 123 lbs. I Got MY GED when I was 16 With an IQ score of 120 SO FUCK OFF!! And I am very happy to have made each and everyone of you feel validated, But to let you know I still love the fucking tattoo, it was my own design and it means alot to me. Look me up Fuckers VANESSA PRIDE!

  29. OH yea… HAIL SATAN!

  30. Congratulations Vanessa for having an IQ slightly above average.

  31. Venessa’s page
    “My Tat got put on lamebook. Fucking sweet I love inspiring hatered, these people have wasted their lives on me. How special do I feel?!”

    damn… I hate inspiring hatered….and everyone knows that satan is a myth…hail odin!

  32. @-ShakAttack- too bad, I corrected the tat. Covering up what? exactly.

  33. I think the person that posted this, didn’t have the balls to tell Vanessa what they did! Oh, that’s right; they didn’t and they don’t.. Someone’s pussy is showing.. Cover it up I’m starting to smell it.

  34. Well let’s see, A TRAMP STAMP that indicates the persons morals and intellect. I bet Girls Gone Wild dedicated a whole 15 minutes to this person. Not to worry though, your future may not be bright but you still have your….tattoo!!!

  35. Well, I saw one “hail satan” post so I think at least one person noticed…

    The star on the right side has an elongated point, which, if I am not mistaken, makes it a Satanic Pentagram, not a star. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

  36. i’ve lost all faith in humanity

  37. If you’re gonna be dumb, get a mispelled tattoo above your ass.

  38. The purple coloring that looks like a bruise on her crack is actually excess ink that’s been wiped down as the “tattooist” is tattooing.

    But seriously. That is the stupidest tattoo I’ve seen, next to some kid with “Give me convenience or give me death” on him.

    Wow. An IQ of 120 and you still weren’t smart enough to get a decent tattoo.

  39. Also, Satanism is idiocy, created by a Jew who was claiming to be a gypsy. Saying “Hail Satan is stupid”, because in Satanism you’re not worshipping the Devil, you’re worshipping the god inside yourself.

    I swear, some people follow shit and have absolutely no idea.

    And if you are going to say “hail Satan”, do it properly.


  40. sail hatan

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