Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday TypOHs!





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  1. @ Kaoss – my thoughts exactly – what the fuck happened here???


  2. Yes but does he have a pool?

  3. I have a small inflatable swimming pool where i invite my hobbit friends , does that count ?

  4. If those damned hobbits include Lorne852, Pusiu and KennyChen, fuck that, I ain’t coming to the party…

  5. But please do come , that would allow us to see what a non related woman looks and smells like in real life.

    I ll even install a jacuzzi.

  6. Are you Amish or a hobbit… Make up your mind, Frodo – I mean Father Sha! *rolls eyes*

  7. Oh no Svetlana, HOBBITS’S!

  8. I have to admit, I logg on to this site not to read the posts, but to read your comments on them. You really do makemelaff!!!

  9. ahh ^^log

  10. 2 seconds seems to be the time it takes between someone hitting the comment button and the FB live feed refreshing it back to them. Every time I comment on someone else’s status, or post my own status update, it always says “2 seconds ago”. I’ve never seen “2 seconds ago” appear for someone else’s comment or update. So, it’s almost certain Jorge submitted this himself, and most likely knew he was going to submit it before he even finished writing it.

    In conclusion, Jorge is Frodo.

  11. Humans must learn all the time, but not forcefully. Yes, you can ease yourself and have fun occasionally, but why not try having intellectual values out of everything? When you eat, figure how much you can take in per minute. When you walk around the park, see what kind of flowers grow where. When you copulate, find out where the sweet spot for both you and your partner(s). These ARE parts of education, or at least they are so in my opinion.
    Misspellings like “tierd” and “there” to mean “tired” and “they’re” might seem trivial that corrections are not necessary, but who knows if Malarky was just being fast (and lazy) in typing or just spell based on how it usually sounds like? A LOT of people are like that. Even if you would go that way, there’s no excuse to typing (I hope this is grammatically correct) “tierd” (5 letters) instead of “tired” (also 5 letters) and also “there” instead of “they’re” (there is another word. Alternatives : “theyre”, “theyr”, “thyr”. Yeah well I know it’s understood easily if you’re experienced enough in life). “Dont” and “kno” is permissible for usage, as they sounds completely or almost the same to their origins. Jorge (whore-gay? Not trolling or anything. Just wanting to know how it’s pronounced) possibly corrected all the errors his buddy made out of pure generosity, or out of (pure) addiction, or out of (pure) humour. I don’t feel like elaborating anymore, so I hope someone understands. I admit I am far from grammatically perfect, and that I cannot find the best word to replace “far” even though “far” sounds too “near”. I therefore welcome any corrections to this tl;dr of a post. Please don’t flame me too much (yes you can) if I forgot to make my points as I am as forgetful as a goldfish.

    … just saying.

    Postscript : Alyssa forgot a space in “parking lot”. Also, I don’t have a pool, but (and?) I kick ass.

  12. #61: Mocking the grammar of the educationally subnormal is funny, if you don’t like it, good for you.
    Could I please have my sofa back? You seem to have sucked it up your arse.

    Jorge, legend imo.

  13. @61


  14. @61-

    Jorge was posting the comment to be funny. I correct certain things in people’s spelling, rarely “dont,” but things like kno and improper use of words like there/their/they’re etc I will correct.

    Also Jorge is pronounced either “George” if they want to Americanize it, or “Hor-Hay” in their language. I know a few that go by both. They usually only go by George because most Americans do not know how to pronounce it properly and get tired of correcting, since the name has the same roots.

  15. lol @ kaoss and father sha.

    I am curious what Kandace was responding to when she typed that. It seems awkward. Who uses the term “drop knowledge”?

    Tanner gets douchey points for the cheese factor.

    As for Malarkey – someone who speaks/types that way usually has never heard the term Malarkey, let alone used it properly.
    MALARKEY: n. Slang
    Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive: “snookered by a lot of malarkey” (New Republic).

    Methinks his typos and use of eubonics was purposeful thus making his moniker true. I sense snookery afoot.

    Alyssa must be psychic to know those folks were having an affair because to my knowledge people don’t put a sign on their windshield that reads “cheaters” when engaged in unauthorized macking in parking lots.

    And kirsten? It’s okay hun, don’t strain yourself.

  16. I like how Malarkys profile picture is blurred yet it’s still obvious that it’s Snorlax

  17. I’m confused as to how people are arguing about this, saying it’s not right or people are elitists because they correct someone’s spelling.

    Father Sha’s comment made me laugh, that we shouldn’t take ‘cheap shots’ at people. Last I checked, this was lamebook.com not everyoneonfacebookistotallyawesome.com, and this WHOLE ENTIRE WEBSITE IS ABOUT TAKING CHEAP SHOTS AND LAUGHING AT PEOPLE.

    But it’s only okay if you’re not correcting their spelling while you do it, cause that means you have a superiority complex and you’ll gather many weaker minded minions and take over the world.

  18. I hate the “TypOHs!” sections of lamebook. Most of them are not funny, and they get annoying. Mainly because there is enough spelling corrections on here daily. Although, I will give kudos to the fact that you guys fight with intellect instead of throwing a bunch of curse words into a sentence for attacks.

    Jorge- Congratulations on knowing how to spell, but you’re still a douche for 2 reasons..
    1. Your picture seems to be of a pokemon.
    2. Not only did you enter this in yourself and think everyone would have a good laugh at your spelling corrections, but then you edited the delete button out so people wouldn’t make comments like the one I am posting. That also makes you a pussy.

  19. You are spot on chiiro, i was just being a prick about it. Cheap shots are fine and the purpose of this website but i like the creative shot. I can come up with calling people pussies on my own while being a grammar nazi. But some of the comments here (and also from kaoss and co) are very funny because they offer something extra. The kind of jokes/comments that make you lol at work … Cheap and easy shots get boring after a while.
    That and me just working out a bad temper on the other one, so the stick i am getting is well deserved.

  20. If someone pitched a tent, it’s a fair!

  21. Top comment, WOG!
    Nice 69’er too, Father Sha!

  22. Jorge missed “motherfuckers*”.

  23. @72:

    Oh my, that’s such an epic fail I think it’s just about a win.

  24. Why is it that everyone thinks he removed the ‘delete’ button?

  25. Kaoss , i guess because it mentioned 2 seconds ago so he must have taken the screenshot himself.

    And removed the delete button so it would not look like he submitted it himself , he has to be a regular here …

  26. @ Father Sha – Shall I prepare the thinking caps and a list of possible suspects so we can narrow it down and stone the bastard? I have my money on Kenny Chen… anybody else second that?? 😐 *thinking*…

  27. hehe you just have a Kenny Chen fixation ….

    I m guessing it is an attention whore , sending in your own jokes and not having the guts to come clean about it would fit the profile.

  28. I think I do… have a douche fixation – and he’s one of ’em…

    Well that would rule me and Kaoss out – Because both of us have a bit of a package problem – and that rules us out. πŸ˜‰

  29. TouchΓ© , younglady

    And this is the internet so you might as well be a man after all but i would be suprised if you were to be jorge.

    So we are looking for an attention gigolo.

  30. Okay – ask SeeBea – he’s seen me – he knows I’m a girl… a bit of a chunky one, but a girl, none the less – and as I always say – Fat girls try harder. By the way – why would I want to post crappy comments like that? You know I’ve got a whole lot more upstairs than THAT excuse of a post. Besides, if it doesn’t include the words “Merry Christmas” “Douche” “Sack of Shit” then I can guarantee you it’s definetly not me…

    I am shocked. Shocked and HURT that you think that little of me. *Going to corner to sulk* πŸ™

  31. haha not at all , i am a big meanie but not that mean

    I’m just convinced that about half the ‘women’ on internet forums are in fact men πŸ™‚

    Chunky girls are more fun then super skinny.

  32. Father Sha – I don’t consider you mean at all. I AM mean. You, not so much… πŸ˜€

  33. @Father Sha:
    Svetlana is indeed a girl a beautiful lucious grade A example of South Afrikan womanhood.
    That said, I agree with you. I don’t know if it is as great a number as you put out there but absolutely a high number are men.

    And you may try to be mean but you clearly do not have it in you. What with efending the underdog and all that.

  34. So now i am a softie ? Nice …

    Just kidding mate, as i explained defending the underdog gives me ammo to go for the big guns, they are way more challenging.

    And the way you describe her makes me daydream, damn you mister !

  35. @ Father Sha and SeeBea – I am still here! But thanks, you guys made me blush – Kisses for you! πŸ™‚

  36. I am a chick too. A hot chick. A hot chick with a massive ego.
    oh yeah πŸ™‚

  37. Christ on a cracker

    Jorge FTW, bitches!! He must be mexican!

    And please, someone please just put a hole on Kristin’s forehead. She probably won’t make it to college, so if she dies is not much of a waste.

  38. beautifuldisasterxo

    hahaha i love the first one… and kristin is an idiot

  39. @Kaoss: Well link us to a picture like Svetlana has done previously so us males may swoon over your egotistical beauty.

  40. I miss my angle too! It was acute and a’funny and… *sniff*. I can’t believe how obtuse I was for leaving her (him?)… But that day i-so-celes with my angle… couldn’t keep myself from trying to make things right.

    If only things were… normal again.

    Oh ye gods. I’m sorry folks. That must have hurt. But it was worth it.

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