Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tag You’re It

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  1. Poor, puzzled Pearl.

  2. Facebook is a scary place when you’re as high as Pearl.

  3. Put down the keyboard gram gram…

  4. Way to not fuzz out her last name in the comments, Lamebook… haha

  5. I’d like to see some of those rude emails the old dear received.

  6. I gave into the temptation of creeping on a 91 year old (was hoping for some bikini shots), turns out Lauri is a porn bot. I think gram gram has a few skeletons in her closet


  8. This is why oldies do not belong on Facebook…Poor confused oldie.

  9. You have to be friends with someone to tag them, right?
    That raises some questions.

  10. I agree with #2, Pearl is clearly wasted and tripping. . .

  11. Hahaha throwingtofu. All senior citizens SHOULD HAVE LIFE ALERT.

  12. I’m also wondering how she ended up getting tagged in this picture. Haven’t laughed out loud like this in a while, well played Lamebook.

  13. “help me”

    ahahahaghagha ghfeeee ghrrf cftc ack ahhhhhh….


  14. “I never tagged anyone to my knowledge” – I think Bill Clinton said the exact same thing during the Lewinsky scandal.

  15. walter! i’m shocked. (poor nana)

  16. According to lamebook’s twitter they are launching a new site tomorrow????!?!?!

  17. i think i found out where all my junky ex-employees are working…

  18. Teo, I laughed out loud at your comment. Well done.

  19. Taylor, would you answer your granny ffs! Poor old dear.

    Hey Matty, I just noticed on their twitter they mention a big surpirse tomorrow. Where’d you see it says there will be a new site?

  20. Awww, I feel bad for her for some reason. Poor ol’ Pearl. So confused.

  21. The “help me” is the clincher, poor granny.

    That said, I would. Me and mofo would give her a damn good spit-roasting. Oh yeah.

  22. Facebook is going to do the old girl in.

  23. ahh they blurred out here name.Poor show Lb

  24. They may have blurred out her surname but for my own reasons I will assume it was Necklace.

  25. aw, it’s heartbreaking
    it’s her little plaintive “help me” at the end that is the most tragic 🙁

  26. Yeah, I’m going to hell too for chuckling at that “help me”.
    Maybe *I’m* high, because I can’t stop laughing now.
    I feel a nervous breakdown coming, but poor ol’ grannie

  27. I’m gonna give the old gal credit. Computers weren’t around when she was young and she has the gumption to give it a go? Good on her.
    I do wish whoever talked her into signing up for FB could have explained things better.
    And seriously… how many times have you also thrown your hands up and said “Help me!”

  28. “help me” Awwwwww! 🙁


  30. “All senior citizens SHOULD HAVE LIFE ALERT.”

    ROFL @ Zoned! I love that commercial. ;*)

  31. thank you. i never laughed so hard.

  32. Don’t feel sorry for Pearl, you should see her necklace!

    Paranoid I’ll get the basting kit ready, you light the fire.

  33. @Conor: I’m sure I don;t know what you mean. Lauri tagged Taylor, not Pearl, so it;s the grandkid w/ the porn-bot pal, unfortunately, and not gram gram. Nice try though.

  34. @she:

    gram gram IS tagged also. nice try though.

  35. “She” is Lauri Gainer I just saw she tagged a friend of mine for a different photo but the same picture.

  36. dude, this is (was :/) my great grandma! LOL

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