Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Picturesque People

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  1. Someone tell Richard Pryor that he’s wasting chocolate.

  2. Sexual Chocolate up there needs to learn which head the condom goes on.

  3. I think I’m gonna vomit. No chocklate love for me thanks.

  4. ….. Thanks Ray……

  5. well i wasn’t expecting that… haha people never cease to amaze me.

  6. It does put you off chocolate, doesn’t it?

  7. He should have used cream for a hat

  8. (Hope this won’t be the most racist of the night)

    “It rubs the chocolate on the skin, or it doesn’t get Section 8 again!”

  9. Comments, HA! I think you just killed me with that comment.

    DJ made a smart decision. This way when his white trash relationship ends in divorce and probably with at least one of them in jail (meth charges), he won’t have some chick’s name tattooed on him and can easily apply this one to any redneck lady that comes his way. (Just trying to compete with genital for most racist comment…)

  10. I’m tempted to add raymond to my new porn blog.

  11. I love the word midget. It’s so un-pc.

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I was praying that Brandy would have said no to the proposal :(. That would have been great.

  13. mmm, i luv meez sum sundayz.
    AND, i would bet this sundae still his its cherry…

  14. So that’s how you make black people.

  15. He missed a spot though

  16. @campione
    That made me lol 😀

  17. @ Comments – best comment so far this week!!! HAHAHAHA

  18. It looks like he’s already getting some sweet chocolate love from Hershey.

    By which I of course mean his cell mate.

    because he’s black….

    Also, best comment goes to genitalism.

  19. built like a 12 year old and covered in chocolate… or should i say, chocklate. i think chris hansen is going to have to tell me to have a seat right over there.

  20. yar! perhaps the first time i’ve enjoyed shin splints…

  21. First time in forever i’ve been thankful that I’m alergic to chocolate :S

  22. Who the hell tattoos the phrase “Will you Marry me?” on himself? Seriously, I wonder how she will ask for the divorce . . .

    And what the hell is up with the chocklate guy? Ewwww.

  23. Comments, that was funny 😀

    Also, that looks like brown sauce to me. Lovely.

  24. Well, dj is a retard but at least he managed to get a question mark that looks like boobs.

  25. I think it’s a given that after the photo shoot, Raymond went to town on himself using the Hershey’s as lube.

  26. I think Raymond got the chocolate rain song a bit wrong…

  27. lol

  28. O.M.F.G. Where to begin? I unfortunately LOL’d at the little dude coming out of the Midget Mart… Although with that “swagger” I would assume he is mighty.

    2. That is so unfortunate. When you get a shit tattoo to propose, it’s time you go to Maury with your problems whether you want to acknowledge them or not.

    3. OH Jehsus. I do not have the words.

  29. @third picture


  30. all i can add for no. 3 is – haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahhahahahaahahhaa *breath* haaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahah *gasp* haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaa

  31. Raymond I’m coming for some of that chocolate love… bend over.

    The first reminds me of the time I saw one of the ‘wee’ people coming out of a shop with an appropriately significant name..

    ‘Dwarfy Oompa-Loompa Provisions’ wasn’t open for long, too niche a market I think?

  32. I think Raymond got the chocolate rain song a bit wrong…

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