Thursday, June 24, 2010

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  1. Stever!

  2. Angie scares me. She makes my peepee hide.

  3. You gotta cut them off sooner Angie

  4. Angie is a smart girl.

  5. God why do these people insist on making FB posts just to try and freak people out. You just know that they are hiding out in the stationary cupboard to avoid another swirlie whilst they update their statuses trying to make them look vaguely interesting and not the pathetic losers they really are!!!

    P.S. @ Shipoopi, love the name!

  6. Angie sounds like quite the cougar.

  7. ahahahaha kristen!

    it was going to be the happiest day of your life, until……


  8. @Walter Sobchak: You’re doing it right!

  9. I’m just going to throw it out there and say that Angie is a genius. I cannot *believe* I have never thought of that.

    To the pharmacy, Batman!!

  10. #3 – Looks like Hayden found a new girlfriend.

  11. I think that Angie is going to be the Emily Post of the 21st century. I wonder what other tips she has for being a great hostess?

  12. Don’t you hate when you think you’re gonna be a mom and then you realize you’re just really bad at reading pregnancy test results?

  13. I don’t know what Dana’s complaining about, cramps are tight!

  14. Bulldog! Where the heck have you been hiding??

  15. Don’t worry Walter, she’s got a solution for that.

  16. BEN goddammit!

  17. GABE!!

  18. Hiya Katy. I’ve been away a bit, took a trip to the beach, busy with work. Sorry to deprive you of my apparent creepiness. 🙂

  19. The beach? Oh, I’m jealous! It’s finally gotten really warm up here and I am itchin’ to go. And, please… you are not creepy. Some noob didn’t get “our thing” 😉

  20. katy – does ‘troyski’ get your ‘thing’?


  21. Does no one else wonder how old these guys Angie fucks are? I mean i’m yet to have a problem with guys who can’t get it up and if Angie thinks she’s being clever or trying to appear as though she has a great sex life I’d first take a look at why enough guys have difficulty getting it up for her to actually need to keep viagra to hand at all times. Not a good sign Angie I’m sure the guy has similar complaints to yours.

  22. alordslums – hahaha! Well, no. LB is my little secret. Plus, my Troyskis shuns FB and Myspace, so LB would be waaaay too much for him. I tried to explain it once and he just got that glazed look come over him; “So you look at what stupid people write on some other website and then comment on what you think?” – yeah, so. The only time he goes online is to buy tools or other manly materials via ebay. 😀

  23. Angie is either really old, or one of those young people who thinks using such things is fun.


  24. The beach WAS lovely. It’s about nine million degrees now, so I kinda wish I could go back. And, extra thanks for the vote of confidence, Katy. 🙂

  25. That’s it, Bulldog. I just put in a time off request for tomorrow. I am going to the goddamned beach. And you’re welcome. And I missed you :p

  26. You just made my day. I missed you too. 😉 Annnnnnnnd, I’m quite jealous that you get to go to the beach! Let me know if you need any help with sunscreen.

  27. troy sounds awesome. next time i’m about 3000 miles west of greenwich i’ll pop in for a beer with him whilst you and bulldog are at the beach (whenever i think of bulldog i think of the sports talkshow host on frasier).

  28. That’s such a great show, slums, I wish it was still on. I need to start walking around with a bike horn like that guy.

  29. I am terrible. I do not use sunscreen and I know some day I will be riddled with skin cancer for it, but hey, I want some color in the two months it’s actually warm here. However, you can help me with my tanning oil 😉

    alord, he is quite awesome. And that’s a lovely idea; I think you two would mesh together quite well with the sarcasm and distain for idiots. 😀

  30. Krazy Eyez Killa

    The beach, I have to go to another country to get a decent beach. I’d take Angie to the beach, I wouldn’t let her go to the bar and bring me back a drink.

  31. Tanning oil works just as well, really, if not better. Make sure to pack a cooler, it’s hot out there!

  32. Paint_my_nails_please

    Angie — think “spongeworthy”

  33. i’ve got nothing on these.

  34. Maybe the men that Angie brings home need to be drunk to agree to sleep with her.

  35. what kind of straight man drinks cocktails anyway

  36. James Bond?

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