Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Few Wins for your Wednesday

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  1. @bucketofscuzz

    how do you know he knew beforehand? I took it as they had fought about that before and he figured that was why she had broken up with him. I’m not criticizing her for following her dreams, but since when does smoking pot and playing video games preclude someone from pursuing higher things? Case in point: the President of the United States, he readily admits inhaling, says it was the point, and I’m sure he’s played some frogger or some such in his time.

    I mean we don’t really know what preceded it, it’s altogether possible I have it all wrong, that’s just what I took from it. I just felt like mentioning that I didn’t really see a connection between her taking 20 hours and him being selfish, or her pursuit of her studies and his pursuit of happiness.

  2. @ Shipoopi don’t get me wrong bro I do not know the real situation either.

    But this just feels like a classic case of “You are a bum, get up get showered! and please for gods sakes do not bring the controller to the bathroom”

    Oh and I am not saying pot stops anybody from pursuing higher life standards, but when the stoner is not the one trying to advance their career they can have a negative effect on people who are a bit more “stressed out”.

  3. taking time for schoolwork is smart not selfish. So what should she do Shipoopi, sit around and play all day like he does? Because that pays the bills right? I would also dump a guy that didn’t support me trying to make a name for myself.

    We don’t know what he does for a living but it really sounds like they have different priorites. I’m siding with BucketOfScuzz on this.

  4. IMissBen,

    You missed my point. I never said it was selfish of her to do schoolwork. What I said was that from him saying “sit around doing nothing but sit around waiting for you” it seemed like maybe she was expecting him to just sit around with or around her while she did work.

    This has gotten out of hand, all I was trying to say was that people seemed to demonize him just for partaking and playing video games, that if she was upset about him doing stuff other than sit around bored while she was doing work then she was selfish, and that both of them said some dumb stuff that didn’t need to be broadcast.

    I was in no way attacking her for taking classes or trying to prop him up if those two leisure activities are *all* he was doing.

    Oh, and btw, people do pay the bills by doing that, it’s just not many 🙂

  5. @bucketofscuzz

    no harm no foul, handshake?

  6. @ Shipoopi

    Absolutely! we are just sharing our different points of view that is all 🙂

  7. biancashymen, you say ‘post slimjayz days’ as if you’ve always been here, yet think it’s new that word, ee, Soup etc are having a normal conversation?

    Just to clarify, I’m not complaining about you guys, (while some people get stupidly annoyed with it, I love the friendliness here as compared to other places online) just wondering how biancashymen has managed to be here so long and never seen it happen before… hell slimjayz (where is that guy? 🙁 ) used to get involved with ’em too.


  8. IMissBen, no a doctor cant see whether or not a girl have had sex or not…the reason of that is because everyone are different down there, and as i said, nothing gets ripped open, it just get widener. end of discussion
    BucketOfScuzz, meh didnt miss the point. Just had to make it clear that she had lame comebacks. not that his were any better, though! (:

  9. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Oh dear, Hayden, way to look a dick. Yes, she is clearly serious. Who the fuck complains about their partner studying? What a childish fucking loser.

  10. Bianca is my heroin.

  11. heroine* Goddamnit.

  12. wait, wait wait: cheap racism is ‘win’ now?

    i don’t seriously believe there are any black people in worcester, either

  13. Actually, there are a lot of black people in Worcester.

  14. I don’t know if I’m wrong in this, or if Hayden’s lying or what, but when I first read it I just took it as Bianca had been studying/working non-stop, and then going mental at Hayden for not spending any time with him, because he said ‘good luck finding a guy who will do nothing but sit around waiting for you’. Looked to me like Bianca broke the news to him by changing the status on Facebook, he got annoyed that she was always mad he wasn’t there waiting for her all the time, so he insulted the sex, and she retaliated and they’re both pathetic little kids.

    Because of reasons I’m assuming in my illness-riddled brain.

  15. G’night Lamebook. At 8 in the evening too, goddamnit.

  16. wow, Hobo, that is *exactly* what I got from it too! Neat!

  17. She probably broke up with him via Facebook because he was too busy playing videogames while baked to return her calls.

    Just saying.

  18. @BritishHobo and @Shipoopi I’m the one who submitted the entry so I wanted to add to the HaydenBianca saga 😉

    Bianca did not break up with him over Facebook. She broke up with him the day before, he was just mad she made it public.

    Bianca and Hayden were BOTH doing loads of coursework for uni towards engineering degrees but a few weeks ago Hayden suddenly decided to drop out of university after three years towards his degree. But he’s not a BIG douche bag, just a “tiny” one lol

  19. @Thia actually depending upon the hymen (as you said everyone is different), sometimes it must be ripped/punctured for there to be any penetration. And if it is your first time and you haven’t used toys, etc. and you are with a well-endowed guy, yeah, trust me, it can rip.


  21. I just created this account so I could represent Wor-town!! It definitly wouldnt hurt locking your doors there though

  22. @rebecca89210
    “Actually, there are a lot of black people in Worcester”

    So which worcester would you be talking about then? If it’s Worcester in the UK, which i was assuming it was (hey: my mistake if so) then a quick fact-check from Wikipedia states that the honour ‘largest ethnic minority in Worcester’ falls squarely on the shoulders of the Pakistanis, who make up a massive, culture-changing 1.3% of the population. Hence my “pfffft”.

    In fact, a further nose round Wikipedia shows that the page “Worcester (disambiguation)” is full of many Worcesters from all over the world. The reference to the “stop and shop” perhaps makes it most likely to be Worcester, Massachusetts – but then my knowledge of Massachusetts, and ‘Stop & shop’ itself, is based pretty much entirely on the lyrics to “Roadrunner”.

    Does it matter though? Shit still stinks. The depressing, “blak ppl commitin crime lol” tone of the above just bummed me out a little, that’s all – along with the tacit approval of lamebook itself. but i’ll shut upp now anyway, coz there’ll probably be a picture of someone vomming along pretty soon anyway. “LOL”!!

  23. LOL

  24. Bianca, you are epic in so many ways.

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