Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stoned to the Bone

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  1. I like doing the weeds

  2. Now I am Ben

  3. aww

  4. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Carpay deum, Dalton.

  5. From the sound of it, Dalton would get fired from eating up all the cheesy sticks.

  6. Carpay deum indeed, Super Nintendo Chalmers,

    He might just make Chuck e Cheese more interesting…or scare the crap out of the kids. I always felt like i was stoned watching those people in costumes run around to the music when I was a kid anyway…so they may not notice anything different.

  7. CommentsAtLarge

    “Why is Chuck E. just sitting there staring at his hand…”

  8. you know, i actually know three stoners that work at chuck e. cheese. the best part is they hook me up with free pizza when i’m high. only problem is it’s kind of far away. usually not worth driving to it.

  9. Id like to get stoned with Dwayne

  10. Wiley E. Coyote is the shit. He would catch any criminal in existence, because everyone knows that Roadrunner is the best, so anybody else would be a cakewalk.

    Fuck firefighting, chuck e cheese is my new career choice.

  11. robotninjazombiebear

    at least now i know why the chuck e cheese by my place is full of dumbasses.

  12. Toadette is the winner

    the 1st and 3rd made me laugh…and become a little nostalgic for my stoner days lol

  13. Dwayne actually has a good point. Watching cartoons high is a transcendent experience; they take on all these deep metaphorical, post-modern, amazingly truthful meanings…
    or maybe that’s just the weed speaking.
    Seriously though, I thought the Spongebob movie was the most profound thing I’d ever seen.

  14. Why is the 2nd one even on here? It’s true..

  15. the second one, i don’t get.
    first one, haha i wish i was there for that whole thought process.
    and the third one, dalton’s never going to go turn that app in, come on now..

  16. Gabe.

  17. NachoSweetheart

    “Wiley Ciotey”

    Was it just too obvious, and that’s why no one else pointed it out?

  18. Weed must really do some physical damage on the brain. I mean, its not like I smoke weed daily and have 4.0 gpa in college…OH WAIT, I do.

  19. Sprott Shaw Community College doesnt count

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