Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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  1. Ben!

  2. krasivaya_devushka

    No, they don’t love you since they gave you a name like that.

  3. “…my mom’s dead lol.”

    no further comment on that one

  4. itzRoAcH jbaird

    yea I don’t know how i could put “lol” and “my mom is dead” in the same setence?….

    …except for just then

  5. I hear it’s easier to do when you type “isdead” like she did.

  6. It’s hard to come back once ‘dead’ is thrown in there.

  7. Yeah. Kiaira has issues.

    on a side note: imissboz.

  8. … and my dads in jail, lmao!

    I want what she’s having. Who’s her doctor?

  9. I had a status once where, after a couple of comments, someone randomly said that her dog died. I had to refrain from asking if she “actually just did that” out of pure disbelief that I know someone as lame as that. People who randomly spew out “so-and-so is dead” should not be allowed to comment. What wet blankets.

    I guess the only thing you can do is try to one-up them. But killing your parents seems rather extreme just for a comment.

  10. My dog died.
    My mom died, bitch!
    Oh yeah, I’m an orphan because of a horrible accident that killed the rest of my family.
    Good, but not good enough, I’m going to kill myself. Beat that.
    Ummm… Prove it.

    I think it’s a bad idea to try and one-up somebody on that.

  11. Just causally throw that in there, Kiaira, maybe no one will notice.
    At least she added the lol to lighten the mood a bit.

  12. It’s cool though, my dad’s a drug dealer and my mom’s his crackwhore and they’re both dead lol.

  13. @Braysl

    i have told my aging parents, in all seriousness, that if i die suddenly (without intimating anything to the contrary between now and then) i want my epitaph to be:


    1986 – 20??


  14. I’m just glad she didn’t write:
    “LOL I was talking about my grandparents,my mom is, like, dead!!!1!!1 pmsl!!”

  15. Not surprising. Deep inside Kiaira is the only place she has any value. Unless her boobs are big.

  16. Big boobs are worth like $5k.

  17. it is pretty funny when loved ones die

  18. Jonathan, a class act.

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