Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dogged By Dad!

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  2. Wait… did I just see True Blood adverts?

  3. Thank you John! This plague of hapless white trash children trying to act like gangsta thugs needs to go die in a fire.

  4. @throwingtofu

    You should see The Wire. In Season 2, after chasing black drug dealers that talk in code for a while, one of the officers gets put on a different squad and is going after mainly white dealers who openly say “Yeah, do how much cocaine did you want?” The cop says he feels bad for how stupid they are. Reading Blake just made me think of that.

  5. His dad sure called it

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    Yeah niggas, I be rolling wit ma 9 an pop a cap n da azzzz beyotch

  7. You got that right, tofu. Try as these white dickheads might, they simply cannot pull it off. These “black talk” posts are wretched. The only bright spot on this post is that The Wire was mentioned. You’ve got my vote, goober.

  8. NEBRASKA for the win!!!! :]

  9. Love that show!

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