Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Jerk


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  1. man ur sick u need help lmao

  2. Wow…just, wow.

  3. Why put that as his status. That’s just wrong

  4. But I kinda like it…

  5. Queen Elizabeth II

    By jove.

  6. Was thinking the same thing @Lil Bro…

  7. Hopefully they weren’t sharing the same bed….

  8. It’s weird, but then the erotic rush you get when you have to muffle your moans as you shoot your manseed across lil’ bro’s pillow is exhilarating. Reminds you of the good times you had with uncle ted, playing his favorite game.

  9. @AnonisGay


  10. What a sweet boy. I bet his parents are very proud.

  11. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    Yet another wonderful Lamebook entry! Why do people post this shit online? I hope his boss/mom/dad/grandma is one of his Facebook friends.

  12. AnonisGay:

    How can you compare “shooting your manseed across lil’ bro’s pillow” to Monopoly?

  13. Just not weird enough to stop.

  14. Nothing like keepin’ it in the family

  15. What’s the problem here? I bet it IS really “wierd.”

  16. I think he should forget about updating his facebook status for a few minutes and focus on the task at hand…

  17. Michael is Penis John D’s older brother

  18. I think he should wash those hands before focusing on the task of updating his facebook status…

  19. This is a CLEAR example of why you should activate the screen lock before you leave your iPhone where your friends can get it.

  20. ColinATL does have a point, though after the things I’ve seen here it wouldn’t surprise me if some poor wanker did actually put this as his status.

  21. from TFLN

    (816): normally I beat off every night before I go to bed even though my little brother sleeps in the same room. So I was starting to last night, and he jumped out of bed and said “Fuck, Im not listening to this shit again” We havent talked since. fuck me

  22. Dude’s jerking off while updating on his iPhone? I’m oddly impressed.

  23. I’m just glad he added “in the room”.

  24. Michael has a point. It is weird if he doesn’t immediately offer to help out.

  25. just rape him :/

  26. ew

  27. Hmmm, is it bad that I laughed more at iRape’s comment than anything else today?

  28. Yes Michael, it is really weird.
    But not as weird as the little present your bro left under your pillow…

  29. while on his iphone

  30. I think admin’s labelled this submission quite aptly. It only takes a little jerk for this guy…

  31. Not only is he jerking off with his brother in the room, he has the ability to work his blackberry at the same time..

  32. I’m never going to by a Used phone again…

  33. oops. *buy*. please don’t kill my grammar police.

  34. The family that lays together stays together?

  35. @ AnonisGay

    Yes, you can be vaguely amusing.. but seriously. Get off this website.

  36. my initial reaction to this was to think that maybe the little brother is only an infant and thus unaware of what big bro is doing…but his presence would be off-putting just the same. (when i became an aunt, my niece slept in a crib in my room…i was too young for such, um, activities, but had i been a teenager at the time, i would have probably been double-clicking my mouse…and weirded out by the toddler across the room.)

  37. LMAO @ iRape!

    This post has to be fake.. if not, I hope the kid’s mum sees it and we get her advice on the matter.

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