Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bon in the Oven


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  1. @Sixkiller; everyone is convinced we’re the same person. Perhaps you can be my succeeded childhood, whereas I can be your evil-pedophile-incestual-intellectual alter-ego?

  2. Keeping it real.

  3. What’s the calorie count for fecal matter?

    Just wondered.

  4. I think she thinks she’s a rodent of some kind.

  5. @Sexface:
    it’s very low in calories, which makes it a great snack. most of the nutrients have been absorbed by the body, but the same could be said about any fat, etc.

    if you eat the fecal matter of a crack head, if you’re lucky, you get a bit of a buzz.

  6. Total eclipse of the brain!

  7. well, is the month of not drinking during a period of a whole month or 31 days scattered across 9 months? either way, it’s sad.

  8. @ Anonisgay….Fantastic stuff. Bend over 🙂

  9. It would be one day at a time RZ…

  10. Kids grow up pretty fast these days. In 5 years time I’m sure the child will be changing Bonnie’s nappy. You know, provided it isn’t jacking up with heroin.

  11. Yah, I’d say it’s about 5 years and then they’ll be jacking off with their lil brother in the room.

  12. @ AnonisGay. LOL

  13. smart girl… but what will she do with her children after 5 years? kill them? give them away?? let them roam free and fend for themselves?

  14. someone give her a hysterectomy for the sake of humanity

  15. 5 year responsibilty, one month, question mark at the end, u are a dumb bitch that wants a baby for attention and love only

  16. WHAT? it’s just a 5 year responsibilitly?? i had to keep mine 6 >.< :L:L

  17. whatevvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!

  18. bahahaha what a fucking idiot

  19. wow sounds like someone should be kept from ever having a baby.

  20. no her moms ovaries should have been ripped out maybe

  21. At least she spelled ‘you’re’ correctly

  22. yeah, I’m going with it being a fake and she’s just not that funny.

  23. What the fuck is wrong with these crazy, moronic, idiotic and any-other-derogatory-adjective-you-care-to-name people?! Reading Facebook posts like this make me lose whatever hope I may once have harbored for the future of the human race. WE ARE ALL DOOMED!!!

  24. having a child is a 5 year commitment?? and you’re not allowed to drink for a whole MONTH of your pregnancy??
    let’s hope you never reproduce you moron.
    for the sake of the child!

  25. Wow. Everyone knows you have to switch to weed during the pregnancy.

  26. What a fucking retard!!!!!!!

  27. it is from Chelsea Handler, she says it all the time in her stand up and in her book.

    Calm the fuck down people

  28. @kil – Thank God someone caught the reference. I was starting to think everyone on this site was suffering from Downs Syndrome.

    I’ve never even read the book or seen her stand up, and even I recognized this.

  29. Since when does someone let a child move out at 5? What a dumb bitch. Haha.

  30. Not drinking for a month??!! FIVE YEARS?! Can you really be that dumb?? Well at least she doesn’t want a baby. Finally, an idiot choosing NOT to pollute the gene pool.

  31. if this is how aliens breed, then i definitely want to become an alien!

  32. chelsea handler said that people.. but she should have quoted her!

  33. AnonIsGay @ #46 completely nailed it. you hysterical idiots keep screaming “rip out her ovaries! omg! sterilise here with broken glass!” when you’ve already been repeatedly told it’s a quote of a joke from a comedy routine, and therefore NOT ACTUALLY TRUE, and you’re either wilfully ignoring that anyway or you actually can’t be bothered to read the rest of the thread before posting yr scary bloodlust. FAIL HARD.

  34. sterilise *HER obv. typos lol.

  35. you mean *sterilize ?

  36. No, he means sterilise because he isn’t a language butchering American.

  37. soon to be indicted for felony neglect XD

  38. This is a quote from Chelsea Lately.

  39. Barney Goosefather, #22: Just so you know, even us non-native English speakers can use punctuation. Maybe not absolutely correctly, but the commas and dots are there somewhere, and we do know how to use capital letters.

    Veronica Skates (#19), that was a nice one.

    I hope this chick is kidding, but since my faith in mankind has basically vanished during the last 5 or 6 years, I’m afraid that she’s not.

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