Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thinkin’ Straight


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  1. What?

  2. Hmm. Seeing these people type is like seeing a monkey try to climb a tree with no limbs. Or eyes. Or a tree, for that matter.

  3. Hypocrit much?

  4. Sounds more like jealousy.

  5. Mmmmh lesbians… I need a gf that fucks me and leaves, fucks me and leaves, bis forever.

  6. Man, I hate it when people fuck me,them leave fuck me… Almost as bad as when they try to look at nice

  7. Sweet. I wonder if Michelle’s boyfriend knows she totally did Sarah with a strap-on doggystyle?

  8. I really love that Kayleena is trying hard to keep the peace. But it didn’t work. Lol.

  9. What a fun bunch of people.

  10. Wow I got nothing tonight.
    Oh,yeah-what do lesbians build a house with? Tongue and groove boards with no studs.
    Thank you,thank you,I’m here all week,try the meatloaf.

  11. She was TOTALLY talking about Michelle in that status. You can taste the jealousy from here!

  12. Between this and the fingering status, it’s been a hot day at Lamebook 🙂

  13. Fuck me sideways I directed a porn that started out like this and ended in a four way with the pizza delivery driver.

  14. i think the lamebook staff edit these to make the spelling worse
    i dont think ive seen a single lamebook entry thats spelt correctly

  15. She’s not a lesbian, all of her friends just use tampons without applicators.

  16. sounds like the subplot from Election

  17. Bless your souls.

  18. I had the opposite problem. I got married to a girl who was clearly more interested in other girls.

    And not in that sexy way all guys imagine. In that painful, divorce-threatening way.


  19. And in one fell swoop, Kayleena totally wins the argument for Michelle. Perhaps Michelle will give her a nice old tongue lashing down below in gratitude.
    And Gus – loving the Election reference!!

  20. fuck me and leave me… fuck me and leave me… what a perfect life lesbians have.

  21. Sarah seems a bit clingy… although, I guess she was ok with the “fuck me leave me” loop that they WERE in.

    Hmmm, lesbians are so confusing, yet I wish I had more of them as friends.

  22. I think using “no” instead of “know” bothers me more than the your/you’re and then/than things.

  23. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    This reminds me of a ‘Cheaters’ episode I watched the other day.

  24. I’m married, I just don’t tell my lesbian partners….or my husband! No need for drama

  25. Wait. You’re not my ex-wife are you?

  26. ummmm……………

  27. Eating Sarah’s pussy was like eating Sushi off the barber shop floor.

  28. LOL @ her trying to say it wasnt about her

    and Lol @ them making up so fast fucking bitchy girls

  29. I smell fake. Or at least
    I CAN’T believe there are these many spelling errors. Really? “them … than … than,” when it’s supposed to be “then”? That’s so depressing.


  30. Fuck me then leave, fuck me then leave. . .

    Seriously, what’s she complaining about?

  31. maggie is hoping to get into sarah’s pants… but then, who isn’t?

  32. it sucks that i love this site but am scared to comment cuz i kno i type bad too…i didnt notice any spelling errors i swear lol. but amazingly im an english wiz…never gotten below a 94 on any essays from birth til now (college sophomore)…and thats with honors classes (cept the zeros ive gotten by being completely off subject…ive got bad ADD and was never treated til this year…amazing how i got off topic while talking bout getting off topic. apparently all the adderall is out of my system lol… i think when im online i just automatically go dumb. lol

  33. boring. if i were you id ban myself from commenting.

  34. @tee LMAO!

  35. I am pretty sure I know these people, oh my…

  36. Bry
    September 8th, 2009 at 4:40 pm
    I really love that Kayleena is trying hard to keep the peace. But it didn’t work. Lol.

    – I don’t think Kayleena is trying to keep the peace, I think she is rubbing it into Sarah that Michelle’s boyfriend is a great guy, seems like her and Michelle are friends, lol funny!

  37. Can two chicks really fuck? I got gay/les friends and I get the gays, not the lesbians… Doesn’t that make Michelle a bi not a true les? Its a confusing territory.

  38. Yes two ‘chicks’ can really fuck. Without any little pricks involved!


  39. I go to Walkerville. I know who these two are, but not personally…I remember when Sarah came to our school I didn’t know she was a girl…

  40. Lol,
    Kayleena is a good friend of mine,
    But I also went to highschool with Sarah and Michelle,
    They had an argument once that ended with “I didn’t fuck her, I just touched her clit.”
    Funny couple.

  41. Apparently there are no such things as bisexuals or pansexuals. But… but I exist… oh, god… Lamebook just gave me an existential crisis.

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